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  1. Majid Poureftekhari
    Majid Poureftekhari says:

    All the jobs will be done with AI but there will be humans involved in those processes too not because of job creation rather keep ourselves active to make the spiritual evolution continue better. The money will be useless and later in time will be abolished.

  2. 33 Precise
    33 Precise says:

    If all the jobs become automated and if fusion energy is developed successfully doesn't that mean robots can do everything for us for free? doesn't that mean that we won't need money anymore?

  3. Joost Stolk
    Joost Stolk says:

    Coding is a replaceable process, understanding users and architecting their wishes and needs into valuable software, definitively is not. Sometimes when I find a particular solution in my head, I don't feel like coding the whole thing. It would be nice to tell the AI: "Well, there you have it, I want it so-and-so, now code it for me. 😉

  4. colorado_milsurp
    colorado_milsurp says:

    I have 20yrs of software development under my belt as well as graduate level coursework in AI and I don't think there will be an AI system that can replace a programmer anytime soon. I do however think AI will become more integrated into mainstream business applications to do things like learn bug patterns and test possible solutions, figure out best solutions for performance bottlenecks, and other scenarios where a problem and possible solutions can be trained into the system.

  5. Doodle Joint
    Doodle Joint says:

    In big populated states like India or China, what is the significance of AI? Will companies from these countries hire robots than humans? ,If you can then can you make a video about it? In these countries will ai software be more prevailing than ai hardware?

  6. Gabro Dar
    Gabro Dar says:

    ai writing a code wont be innovative. it can only write something already created or make it more complex. you cant just tell a machine to think creatively cause thats just something only human can do. so i dont think they gonna replace jobs like software development.nobodys gonna like boring and weak products ai can write

  7. Erind Mehmeti
    Erind Mehmeti says:

    Programmers are the last resort, if they are replaced there will be little amount of jobs left. But the question you are asking is not right, ai will replace programmers in the future yes but it will replace astronauts too, process is never ending, the question remains though how far we are with artificial intelligence. Ai is a very old topic and some major breakthroughs are still needed for it to take over as an artificial generaal intelligence. Make a video on where we really are on artificial intelligence rather than futuristics predictions that help noone.

  8. Steve Bez
    Steve Bez says:

    chicken or the egg,sam pulls? AiX? SMITty? eclipse of the arm,moon lan dyn Surface? man info smalltalk step neXt ,so,fee,robot ,no,'destroy'jonny rooten an E key,pun punk syntacts tume up,knuckles scraper ground newton apple peels,ear,hemesphere,eh?

  9. R S
    R S says:

    I totally disagree, and who the heck develop AIs, dont get why you get such strange opinion. Coding is not just typing, its more a creative process, about new methods and technologies and way to create automatic systems. Doesnt matter how good an AIs is, it will never get to that point.

  10. JoelGoldwin
    JoelGoldwin says:

    Disagree that AI can't create a following… we know that virtual bots can create their own followers, unless what you mean is the creation of ideas, and even that could be done by AI in the future… so in essence I believe for AI to pickup programming in it's entirety would be at-least another 30 to 40 years, and even then you need people to fix and maintain the bugs and work on improvements.

  11. DarkGrisen
    DarkGrisen says:

    If we can create one program that can write code to create other programs. Will that program be able to write code to create a program that can create a better version of itself?

  12. A. I. Hax
    A. I. Hax says:

    It has already happened without Artificial Intelligence. A couple of years ago, in computer programming school, I learned about virtual machines that completely eliminate programmers.

  13. LivingL393nd
    LivingL393nd says:

    I think high level programming is much more likely to be replaced by AI.. Low level coding is a diff story. Memory management is not as simple to hand off to a bot to handle. Think of the insane binary trees needed for this process.

  14. Jazz Daniel
    Jazz Daniel says:

    Many think of AI as a GOD that imagin what you want and make it happen before you ask.
    In my opinion programmers will need AI and AI will need programmers. Just because AI will need to be told what to do.

  15. dsap4004
    dsap4004 says:

    No action is safe. No thought process is safe. AIs will be better than us. The only way to survive will be to use the power of AI to multiply your own abilities. Basically we will need to merge with AI in the future to be useful to the main society. I think this is where society will split. People who see merging as our best next step and people who think progress has gone too far and wish to keep AI abilities and human motivations separate. Guess who will "win"? Those that limit their abilities or those who merge?
    Funny how "building a following" is thought of as not being a process by a YouTuber who definitely follows a process to make himself more popular.

  16. dfilion3
    dfilion3 says:

    If AI can be an efficient coder and understand the vague need of the business owners it mean it can scan your face and personality and replicate the aspect the make you likeable. Seriously we are talking here a total collapse of the economy when 95% are unemployed. Mad Max Style. [The best case scenario is AI assistants, not replacement ]

  17. Kelly Graves
    Kelly Graves says:

    Sorry, but having been in the industry for about 23 years, I can tell you, the subject line "Artificial Intelligence is going to replace programmers" is the same thing I heard back when graduating college. The exact same line. Not only did that not happen, but instead, demand for programmers is probably 5x what it was back then. AI is also a very old subject, the only difference now is the marketing and hype. The day that machines can code effectively is post-singularity and there will no longer be a need for non-cyborg humans period, not just programmers.

  18. Brandon H
    Brandon H says:

    I just need to become rich before it happens. Good thing I work in automation. Just wish I could get in on the Machine Learning bandwagon. But I don't have the time to go back to school and get a PhD in mathematics


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