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  1. Aleks K00
    Aleks K00 says:

    In reference to CoinDeal, what about its Tokens? What do you think about that? Hold?
    I hope that these tokens will be even more valuable soon because of the CoinDeal's rapid development. Keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Woody K
    Woody K says:

    Actually coindeal is now officially available for traders in the USA, to me mixing it with launching CDL was great management move. i'm curious of popularity of cd overseas

  3. Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley says:

    coindeal exchange is quite renown in europe since that wolverhampton deal and in my opinion the best thing on this platform is that they have couple really unusual pairs there, mainly because of monthly users votes for upcoming cryptocurrencies, – they;ve been doing it since their beginnings, cool thing

  4. R James
    R James says:

    Yep! Coindeal are partnered with Wolverhampton Wanderers a Premier League Soccer team in UK returning to past glories.

    Previously they were the top team in England in 1950s winning the league 3 times believe.

  5. Ray Hale
    Ray Hale says:

    A lot of Negative news from the good old USA re Cryptos – Lawmakers wanting to ban Companies from creating crypto, Trump not a fan of the stuff – a good question is, are we heading towards the funeral of Crypto – is crypto going the Crypt Will XRP turn to R.I.P , Will Ethereum disappear into the ether, will stella be part of a dying constellation?

  6. Bluemustanggg
    Bluemustanggg says:

    0.3% and 0.4% maker and taker trading fees? That's not what I call competitive. Noone really uses coinbase for trading, only fiat on/off ramp, because of their already crazy 0.15 and 0.25 respective fees. I'll come back when they can offer competitive rates comparable to bybit/bitmex/deribit.

  7. Mike Williams
    Mike Williams says:

    Ivan don't go to that shithole city Toronto! Come to Vancouver! We'll storm the now closed Quadriga offices and demand justice! We'll do a whole expose/documentary called "Searching for Gerald Cotten" I know that bastards still alive somewhere living off all that stolen crypto! If we don't find him who cares – you still will have avoided having to spend time in Toronto and we'll have a great documentary. I'll run the camera! ;D


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