Segwit2x does not come with replay protection and is vulnerable to replay attacks. In this video, I cover what are replay attacks, the limitations to replay attacks and why you should care.

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24 replies
  1. Merlin Rothfeld
    Merlin Rothfeld says:

    Is the concern the recipient of the transaction being able to see the private key for the NO2X, and sending then cashing out the 2X as well? Or is it the Network seeing the key? The reason i'm asking is i have my bitcoin on a paper wallet. After the fork, i plan on sweeping that wallet to another paper wallet for the NO2X. Once that has arrived, i will send my 2X from that paper wallet to another wallet. I'm not sending it to anyone, just myself. so am i safe here? I get the feeling its the network i need to be worried about

  2. cesar claudio lujan medina
    cesar claudio lujan medina says:

    Hello, could you enable Spanish translations on YouTube? We would like to follow you but those of us who do not speak English miss out on your videos. I would appreciate it if you could do it. Greetings, I await your response. Thank you

  3. woodstocktc
    woodstocktc says:

    i like yyour vids and work but didnt liked you calling Bitcoin (core) "Bitcoin No2x" for "Neutrality". I mean hey how would you like me making a channel called "Boxmining" to capitalize on your popularity and than expect to be the "real" Boxmining. What would you think if it gets than covered by the media and they call you "Boxmining legacy" (or something) and mine "Boxmining reloaded" (or something). Yea yea i get its not exactly the same thing, just trying to make a point here. cheers. oh there just reading the news. your "equal" Bitcoin (B2X) got cancelled.

  4. Gh0stHack3r
    Gh0stHack3r says:

    ? Bitcoin 2x, no2x ?

    We will have 4 chains:
    Bitcoin Cash – August 1st
    Bitcoin Gold – October 25th

    Segregated Witness 1mb – November 13th
    Segregated Witness 2mb – November 13th

  5. Karl Hensel
    Karl Hensel says:

    Thank you Michael. I think replay protection is vital. Just makes common sense. Why risk anything? What again is the upside of not having replay protection? I must have missed it.

  6. Short Premium
    Short Premium says:

    I don’t understand how the replay attack is done. So the person who received the BTCNO2X make another request for BTC2X from the same address after it was sent? How does it work?


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