to learn more about Lightning networks Lightning network promises instant transactions with zero fees. How does that work when Bitcoin only creates blocks every 10 minutes?


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45 replies
  1. Kuziwa Sachikonye
    Kuziwa Sachikonye says:

    Hey! After hearing Andreas Antonopoulos – i was blown away – coming from an engineering background and understanding the TCP/IP stack i was excited. There was sooo much more to add to this video and Im hoping we can really highlight some of the advantages like the ability to settle transactions even with people who don't necessarily have direct payment channels with one another in the same way that a packet can be routed in the traditional interwebs.

    Keep the videos coming!


    A company called Block Stream caused lead developers to leave the Bitcoin project. Bitcoin has been usurped and broken due to segwit and segwit is the true scam here people.
    We wanted a currency that was to peer to peer and trustless without the need for a third party. That is what Bitcoin was originally. With segwit and the lightning network it breaks bitcoin and makes it controlled and more manipulated by the government and banking industries like exactly like swift.
    We all buy into bitcoin thinking we will become wealthy by its rising value, but we are forgetting something even more important and that is the freedom from corporate and government tyranny. That is what Bitcoin should be and that is why Bitcoin Cash should be the real Bitcoin and raising the block sizes are all we really need to use the Bitcoin Cash network efficiently. Litecoin will do the same thing as it adopted segwit first.
    The new world order and its cashless currency is in the making.

  3. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Scam? Watch this video from you tube and then rebut it! Lightning it points out in detail is the banks biggest scam on people. The Dev team from BTC in on it. I am totally upset. It is entitled on youtube " How The Banks Bought Lightning Network" Wonderful work by the person who explains in detail that Bitcoin has been destroyed intentionally for power and greed! Add that link for your followers if you like Michael since you are a champion of truth!

  4. Sebastian Weber
    Sebastian Weber says:

    Hey Boxmining, what are your thoughts on this vid:

    It illustrates how segwit and lightening network is a bad idea with pretty coherent logic. One other vid of his argues bigger blocks are a much less convoluted way of scaling BTC, ala BCH

  5. CryptoCracker
    CryptoCracker says:

    There is no confusion about the lightning network. WE KNOW that it is the banks' way of taking over bitcoin. There is no confusion about it. Bitcoin was meant to work without any trusted third party getting in the middle of our transactions. You are a fucking shill the same as you were for the NEO scammers who claimed they had "strong government connections" in china but then it turned out their connection was another company partially owned by the NEO boss. You speak for whoever is greasing your palm with silver. Lightning network is a disgrace and anyone promoting it has already sold their fucking soul to the banks.

  6. Cosmos142857
    Cosmos142857 says:

    ….Also, if they wanted to obfuscate BTC off chain why not just do it no one is stopping them, but for some reason they desperatly want to tie the central btc code to some "very complicated and unexplained" side network…..your BS meter should be pegged after watching this vid.

  7. Cosmos142857
    Cosmos142857 says:

    Wakey Wakey Sheeple Segwit is a FRAUD. Ask yourself one question: If they could create a coin that was better than bitcoin …they would and name it something else… like Lightening Coin. BUT THEY DON'T they keep wanting to screw with BTC. Ask yourself WHY? I think if you dig into it you will understand. These people are going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  8. roberto solano
    roberto solano says:

    lighning network functions like a bankaccount. you deposit money on this chanel and then you can make transactions from this bankaccount…. why not using bitcoin " a peer to peer electronic cash " ?

  9. Tao Jones
    Tao Jones says:

    Hey bro. Thanks for your great vids . I personally do not like segwit. So I'm happy to have a new bitcoin option.
    I'll use my segwit slow coin and lightning network bitcoin for value storage. And my new bitcoin cash for everyday purchases.

  10. Luc Chase
    Luc Chase says:

    And no chance of double spends? Not very elegant. However it looks like buying more BTC now is probably a good idea if one believes that at least one of forks will get it right. And by the way, linking your BTC wallet by 7th Aug to your Byteball wallet you get free GBYTE too. So more reason to have large BTC holdings.

  11. Jeppe Schøndorff
    Jeppe Schøndorff says:

    Hi Boxmining. Huge fan of your videos! You're just about the only youtuber not trying to "pump" coins, and simply informing the people. I really appreciate you keeping it simple since most of us are not programmers. But I would like a video where you try to go more in depth with how BTC or Lightning actually works. Pro's and con's you know? Thank you.

  12. Max Headroom
    Max Headroom says:

    Very informative…. however, money upfront for privilege you may or may not use is not free by definition… speed would be nice… however… its still not competing with Visa by a long shot…. I would like to recommend DGB… has already gone through all of this and is "lightning" fast already…. mining and moving in and out exchanges is awesome and cheap (I have literally turned my head.. and looked back… done) … don't take my word for it… give it a try…. peace….

  13. Art byFlo
    Art byFlo says:

    My question : If Segwit becomes legit, is it possible to get an hard fork? And by hard fork i mean the Bitcoin Cash activation? I've heard that when segwit fails there comes an hard fork but in the previous video you told us that bitcoin cash will become reality? How is this possible? Can you explain me this pleas or someone else? Btw sorry for my bad English 🙁 haha

  14. Koeur
    Koeur says:

    "actually,…….actually…………actually………….actually…………..actually" That word is the last refuge of the unimaginative and dull. It does not make you seem smarter as the use of, is not appropriate to the topic. So, STOP IT!


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