This guide shows how to connect Ledger Nano S with MyEtherWallet (MEW). MyEtherWallet allows you to send and receive ERC20 tokens and customize the gas amounts of transactions, whilst the Nano S allows you to keep your private key out of the hands of hackers.
*** This is not an official guide. I am not responsible for any lost ethers or tokens. Please read additional sources of information and the Ledger manual ***

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39 replies
    CRYPTOTAG says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. 👌

    People who use a hardware wallet don't forget and remind other people that making a good backup of the recovery seed is very important. 🔐🔐

  2. Peter A
    Peter A says:

    Great Video, Although everything has changed & it has become more user friendly (i.e.: Ledger has changed 'Browser' to Display & put LedgerLive) and MEW has done a great job to update the website, ,, I'm still watching your videos to refresh my memory………Thanks and leave it on youtube…. ….

  3. Crypto Trader
    Crypto Trader says:

    I have been accesing the wallet using Json file on a usb drive. Is that almost the same thing? Since my private key is on the usb device? Does it get exposed to MEW if i eneter with the json file?

  4. Tom Kory
    Tom Kory says:

    Hi, I have a question. When I store XRP on Ledger and turn on Ledger in 2-3 years will it matter? Does any other currency, which is renamed or which works differently, passes over to me? Thank you

  5. Kamil Patyna
    Kamil Patyna says:

    Hello 🙂 I have a trezor device. I would like to ask you as an extensively oriented person, did you ever wonder if the entire cryptocurrency market is decentralized and there is no one to report any incidents (eg we do not have anyone to report the theft of violence or intimidation of our portfolio or currency because there is no way of proving this action) Will it not be that in the future there will be many gangs that will steal from violence, intimidate our cold wallets and will not feel unpunished, because as I said there is no way to prove it to the police or court ? I also have a second question that bothers me. What if it turns out that the company ledger or trezor hack our cryptocurrency? After all, those 24 or 25 words that are displayed in order to save and protect, they are sent to the ledger and trezor company database, because we connect the device to the computer with access to the Internet. Thanks in advance for your answer.

    What also if the company ledger or trezor will fall and I will lose my ledger / trezor at this time and I will not be able to buy another one? Thank you in advance for replying 🙂

  6. Zeboe
    Zeboe says:

    Hi, thanks for video! I was wondering, when using ledger with mew, do I need to set up a wallet on myetherwallet first before connecting the ledger? If so what's the safest way to do this?

  7. Lee Eisenstein
    Lee Eisenstein says:

    Newbie here. I've set up the Ledger Nano S. When I log into it, it tells me to go to After installing eth wallet on computer, ledger just sends me to settings and there is nothing there other than brightness, display and I'm stuck there. Nothing about using eth or btc wallets. Now what? Mahalo (thank you).

  8. Kade ET
    Kade ET says:

    I was trying to do the same but it keep showing me this “intrinsic gas too low”
    What does it mean? My Eth balance is 0.28, I think it is more than enough

  9. Nikhil Kalra
    Nikhil Kalra says:

    Nice vids! I think the best way to check your balance is by installing Myetherwallet Chrome extension just click the extension and it will show you the balance. Obviously, you have to add your address as a watch only address.

  10. R. S
    R. S says:

    can you please help me, i have many alt coins like Dragonchain, Vechain, HPB, NANO, BTC etc but i heard Ledger Nano S doesnt store most of the alt coins i have, so whats the point on buying Ledger Nano S? i want to back up my long term alt coins but i dont know how to do it. i dont want paper wallets as it seems difficult and i dont want to store them online wallets. I am new so i would need easiest way to do it user friendly, thanks

  11. Crypto Cougar
    Crypto Cougar says:

    Hi Michael, I haven't tried to send any erc-20 from my Trezor, can I just click the drop down menu find the token, and send to my eth address on mew without sending to an exchange and converting, then cashing out? I guess I could try it with a small amount and find out.

  12. Jaylon Braxton
    Jaylon Braxton says:

    So just to clarify this. This is for storing your coins right? Say I want to transfer some LTC and ETH to my ledger.. that means it leaves my wallets on Coinbase where it’s pulling from and is stored onto the ledger right?


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