This tutorial teaches you how to claim Bitcoin Gold (BTG) on your Ledger Nano S. If you were holding Bitcoin at the time of the Bitcoin Gold Fork (Tuesday, October 24th 2017, Block 491460) then you will get a 1:1 ratio of Bitcoin Gold. NOTE: use this guide at your own RISK. This is very advanced and not officially supported by Ledger Nano S.

Correction: Bitcoin Gold Fork was on Tuesday, October 24th 2017, Block 491460

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44 replies
  1. k ga
    k ga says:

    during forks, when claiming the new alt coin, do you lose the initial crypto currency you had. so basically when bit coin forked and BTG was released, did you lose your initial bit coin in exchange for the new BTG or do you still keep both? if you get both, technically thats just making free money out of thin air right?

  2. Dragi Dragic
    Dragi Dragic says:

    Hi Michael,
    How can I claim btc gold from my blockchain wallet? I have also ledger nano s, but dont know how to claim it. blockchain doesnt support btc gold?
    hope that you can help me

  3. Alex Metz
    Alex Metz says:

    Good guide thanks for your help! I do have one question though. I currently hold roughly 2.6 btc and i only received 1.56 btg, even though all my btc is on one account. Anybody else have the same issues????

  4. c n
    c n says:

    Hi. At the point when you open the bitcoin wallet and click the btg split tool, I missed the link and just clicked segwit. The bitcoin wallet then read zero. Any idea how i retreive the bitcoin?

  5. arctic
    arctic says:

    I have a Question:

    I recently (3 weeks ago) bought bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin on GDAX (Coinbase).

    I am thinking about buying the Ledger Nano S (so I can have a "cold" wallet), but what happens if my bitcoin stays on my Coinbase wallet and a fork happens?

    I heard that you get like the "new" cryptocurrency if a succesfull fork happens. But coinbase only support 3 currencys at the moment. Will I miss out on the currency after a successfull fork if I have my "coins" on coinbase?

  6. Bananalane
    Bananalane says:

    Hi, boxmining: always enjoy your channels ! Can ledger nanoS displayed full address on screen if you want to send some btc out? Mine only showed partial address. Can't get help from ledger's support team at all after one month. I am scared to send any of my btc from nanoS, because I can't see the full address to confirm transaction. I have the latest firmware 1.3.1 on Nano S ( newly bought on Oct.) . Please help if you can! Greatly appreciated!

  7. Olivier David
    Olivier David says:

    Great video…. I'm however a little confused regarding what is not safe… is it not safe using the BT split tool to claim BTG or transacting with BTG after you have claimed them?

  8. JC T
    JC T says:

    Can you please explain how to get bitcoin gold if you had your bitcoin in exodus? Please 🙂 i had mine on exodus during the split, but then transfered it all to ledger and it didnt show up when i split it. Also, i used some of my bitcoin after the fork, so is that why i cant get the bitcoin gold? Any help would be so appreciated! Thx!

  9. Am rik
    Am rik says:

    WARNING ⚠ 
    Im having some serious security issues with my ledger since claiming my btg….
    All looks as normal within the btc wallet, but as I tried to send some btc out of my ledger wallet today the ledger device wants me to confirm TWO separate transactions?
    The first shown is the correct amount and address I'm sending to but the second is an unknown address and amount. Please help, I'm so confused and worried 😯 🤪🤐😵

  10. Verma
    Verma says:

    i installed the Bitcoin Gold App on my Nano Ledger but unable to send it to exchange…. Sending failed error displaying….! What to do…..! Thanks

  11. A Google User
    A Google User says:

    Bitcoin did hit $9150 in first time ever!
    I try to figure out how to get that Bitcoin Gold! It's trading at $300-400! I can't use Coinbase because it asks ID but great video

    BTC: 18QHKK12Q6csbxxy1x7DkDFQjfFabmzjZb


  12. peter danny
    peter danny says:

    thanks for the video – one question – you say the whole thing may still be vulnerable to replay attacks, you mean you can risk your bitcoin when you send bitcoin gold?


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