Bitcoin Cash is shooting for the moon today, with claims that its the “real bitcoin”. Are there any merits to its claim?

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20 replies
  1. Coinmarket SWOT
    Coinmarket SWOT says:

    I'm not from China, I'm nor from Asia. I support both BTC as BCH. But I hate the arrogance and ignoring of current TOTAL BROKEN user experience with BTC. Don't talk about side effects of politics. BCH really helps a lot of new users with great Bitcoin experience.

  2. Erik C
    Erik C says:

    BCash rally is being artificially pumped (you just have to check the mempool) and it will last as long as the few people that support it decide to sell (that could be really soon, because it's very expensive for them to keep it that high).
    BCash seems more like an experiment to me, just some billionaries that made their fortune in Bitcoin (Roger Ver, etc) trying to pump now another altcoin by cloning the real Bitcoin and deceiving beginners and newbies that join the crypto community by telling them things like block size increase is really important .The problem this time is that BCash has no value, so newbies that put their money on this experiment will most likely lose it, because they won't find any buyers.

  3. Crypto Bug
    Crypto Bug says:

    Satoshi is responsible for the development of bitcoin. Core is responsible for derailing the white paper and destroying bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is the true bitcoin. Praise Bitcoin Jesus.

  4. green miner
    green miner says:

    Pump and Dumped. Imagine all those who were "shooting for the moon" and kept buying when BCH was $2800 were in complete shock when the inevitable (but obvious) Dump came to $1500 in minutes. Those people thought BCH was going to 3K and beyond. SELL into the spike, but if you want to buy after multiple long vertical candles then good luck with that.

  5. Danger Close
    Danger Close says:

    Its not a question of Bitcoin Cash replacing Bitcoin….Its that Bitcoin Cash has significant differences that make it just as valuable . Its not going to leave the scene as competition. The invisible hand of the market will decide.


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