Gaming is all about the items and it seems so logical to apply blockchain to gaming, and yet we don’t see widespread adoption. Gameflip has proposed a top-down approach to encourage adoption – is this the right approach? – Gameflip Website – token presale

Disclosure: I have been in direct contact with their CEO JT and may consider contributing the the ICO.


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  1. Austine Declan
    Austine Declan says:

    If I was a game dev I would use blockchain differently. In online multiplayer the server or a peer to peer network keeps track of the activities in game such who killed who and who picked up what. I believe blockchain could be great for this. The economy of the game however is a different story altogether.

  2. Eitan Katchka
    Eitan Katchka says:

    For the seller/buyer problem scams you describe there can be a simple escrow solution. No need for a "blockchain" solution for that, which will just create more complexity in the system/product.

  3. telexiz
    telexiz says:

    Such a move will be very beneficial for gaming industry, people will play more to make more trade more sell more and hence monetize that endless time spending on games.

  4. Carl Runefelt
    Carl Runefelt says:

    Michael! You should look up the company. GameFlips Facebook page has VERY bad reviews. They are either very unprofessional or they're actually scammers. People say on their Facebook that the company has taken their money and not responded to emails. Please warn people or at least tell the whole story here.
    Half of their reviews are 1/5 stars!

  5. fromheine
    fromheine says:

    I don't see why developers might want to implement this. Hear me out.

    Imagine new mmorpg game is created and few people with a lot of FlipCoins rushed in. If anybody gets lets say rare drop the whales will buy that instantly inflating prices of items. Normal player now has no chances of buying that items without spending real money and his options are either buy items for real gold or go and grind mobs in low level areas, because you can't kill better mobs with shitty gear. This is ruining game already and I'm sure I just scratched the surface.

  6. James Darko
    James Darko says:

    hey michael why dont you talk about Centra card and wallet available next week and who will be insured, yes your funds will be insured, also did you heard about Qash ico the regulated exchange in japan ?

  7. Bit XXX
    Bit XXX says:

    Gameflip doesnt stand a chance against Wax Token. Not only is it backed by OP Skins, but their board members are more than well experienced to actually create a new crypto marketplace for the gaming community. When you compare the two I honestly believe it's like comparing Ripple to Stellar (Before their big partnership announcements).
    HOWEVER, I also believe that the downside to the project, like with almost all ico's, is the time it will take before the platform is completed (meaning we can't really determine if we can expect a huge profit margin in the short term unless money is thrown at it.) Wax Token would be a great long term investment in my opinion

  8. shiny x
    shiny x says:

    It seems like creating a free market between game economies is going to create similar problems that free markets between national economies create in the real world. That is, differences in economies get exploited and create new niches but also can cause rapidly shifting values due to arbitrage. For example, maybe games that are easier to bot would be used to accumulate tokens that will then be used to buy stuff in the games that are harder to bot. If you are a publisher of games, you might end up very surprised as to how this interconnected economy affects how people play your game. Games by definition are closed systems. That is, a game is something that has defined rules that you can then "play". That is why we enjoy them–they are NOT the real world, which is full of chaos and unpredictable results. We game to get away from that world. Interconnecting all game economies is going to blur the boundaries of those closed systems and introduce an uncontrolled and uncontrollable element. I'm not sure if we will enjoy the result or not. But I guess we will find out as it is an experiment that seems to be gaining momentum.

  9. Dilip Ravindran
    Dilip Ravindran says:

    I am researching between the best way to solve cryptocurrency adoption in gaming and I am really torn amongst gameflip and World Asset eXchange (WAX token). Gameflip banks heavily on convincing game devs, but WAX creates its own platform to trade with Guilds and trading agents. If you could give your thought on which approach is better and a comparison between FLIP and WAX, it would be really helpful.

  10. Christos Despotakis
    Christos Despotakis says:

    No. Just no. Don't give more ways for monetization to publisher. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. That whole skin "market" is so cancerous that it must be stopped, not encouraged. This is my humble opinion. -Indie Game Designer

  11. Steve L
    Steve L says:

    This is such a stupid concept. They will never get into any games. Publishers and developers want to sell micro transactions and they want fiat money, not some token on a blockchain. They cannot account for crypto on their balance sheets (ok, they COULD, but no investor would want it).

    Even if GameFlip were to make a deal, the gaming company would have to convert the crypto into fiat money, and with the volatility of crypto, they might lose 15% anyways. Might as well just pay steam…

    Gaming companies don't want you to sell your loot when you move onto another game… the buyer of that transaction will then not buy the in game loot boxes, or card packs, or whatever the micro transaction… de-incentivizing the entire concept for the developer.

    The developer will want to control their own trading system, so why bother with crypto? There is literally no benefit… Smart contracts? Well, they could build that into the game. If Flip builds it into the game for them, then they have to deal with crypto currency instead of dollars.

  12. zhenfu
    zhenfu says:

    I think it's a great way to do in game items. I think if it's use right the player and the Dev's can make money form this. As far as the bot's that is something different. Yes it gets OOOOOOld that when you login you need to take time and start to block them out. But as far as a gamer there is all kinds of way to make money with this. for the Dev's and player. think about this renting a healer for an hour of farming. or hiaring a group. OR betting on PvP duels it goes on and on.

  13. Brugllione
    Brugllione says:

    Sadly most developers do not want us to take our money out of old games. They want us to let our money rot away in our old games and invest new money into the next game. They just want to sell lootboxes all day 😉

  14. Crypto League
    Crypto League says:

    This is great. Video games, especially free to play make so much damn money and players are getting sick of forking over dollars for every little upgrade and promotion. Thats why I stopped playing videos games. It cost more than the dam system itself!

  15. TrinidadLink Live Repairs
    TrinidadLink Live Repairs says:

    Software developers will make less… This is why.. But the first company that does it is genius.. They'll get the market.. I do think 200 tokens are a little low though.. That's about $1.50US.. Nope.. It's going to be dumped soon after launch..

  16. Nick Sy
    Nick Sy says:

    The upcoming Particl Marketplace will actually solve that using their "Two-Party Escrow". You can buy/sell physical, virtual goods, even services and no one else would profit from this except the buyer and seller. I would love to talk about this in detail with you if you're interested.


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