How to setup Neon wallet (Best NEO wallet) on your Ledger Nano S and how to add custom tokens. You can add as many NEP-5 tokens as you want, including Ontology and Trinity. Check out my previous video for how to do the Ledger Nano S 1.4.1 Firmware Upgrade –

0:50 Installing NEO app for ledger wallet
1:38 Download Neon wallet
2:12 Login using a Ledger
3:06 Adding custom tokens

Download the Neon wallet –
Adding a custom token –
Trinity hash –
Ontology hash –

WARNING: Please read through instructions on how to send NEO. NEO can only be sent in whole units, attempting to send decimals will result in lost NEO.

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30 replies
  1. motivationalsuccess_
    motivationalsuccess_ says:

    Hi. I've done all that BUT 1) on my Nano it's telling me that "No public key has been requested yet": and 2) on my Ledger Live, it doesn't include NEO in the "add account" drop down list! so it's only listing BTC and ETH! HELP!

  2. tclapson
    tclapson says:

    Also "just" find the Ontology script hash as well ??? This is not a simple task for anyone doing it the first time… like me… I wish there was an explanation of where you found that script hash from… I have no idea where you got it from…

  3. Brown Brown
    Brown Brown says:

    what if you already have Neon Wallet with several NEP5 tokens in it? Do you have to send all your tokens to the ledger Nano s Neon address? Then what happens when you have to delete the app if you need to make room to use other apps for other coins? Do you lose your tokens? Also it doesn't seem possible yet to add NEO to your ledger live account to track it yet?

  4. Initial D
    Initial D says:

    can anybody explain please there's something i don't understand, so if i already have a neon wallet witch i on with a private key, then i buy the ledger nano s later, when i log in using the nano s there's is 0 balance in the neon wallet, but if on the neon wallet with the private key then all coins is still there, so i guess have to send it from the neon wallet with the private key to the neon wallet with the ledger nano s, am i right ?

  5. Danilo Biccari
    Danilo Biccari says:

    Thanks for the great video! Question: If I already have a NEON wallet with NEO and CPX in it (before using a Ledger), and now want to instead access my NEO and CPX holdings using Ledger, is there any way for me to do that without sending those tokens to the Ledger address? If a fraction of NEO gets sent, what will happen?

  6. The Dillingers
    The Dillingers says:

    the other alt coins won't show up in the NEO app I see the hashes in the settings but I only see NEO and GAS when I open the wallet. I saved the other addresses a thousand times but they are still invisible some please help

  7. gadaffi1000
    gadaffi1000 says:

    I lost all my neo despite the balance showing as positive after following the instructions. When I returned to my wallet…zero balance and no transaction history…not sure what to do as others have had a similar problem with no recourse.

  8. civic3city
    civic3city says:

    Hi. Nice guide, thanks for that video. Could you compare ledger nano, trezor to this wallet: hodler. Ledger can store only few crypto, hodler wallet over 350. Thet have comparison on their website but it looks like too good to be real.


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