Binance experienced a crazy surge in SYScoin price, with a single SYScoin fetching up to 96 BTC!! Luckily this was caught by the system and the irregular trades were reversed.
1:03 Market Recap
1:17 Binance Irregular Trades (Binance SAFU)
4:13 Ethereum Gas Price Surge
5:11 India Bitcoin Ban

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21 replies
  1. nithish kumar
    nithish kumar says:

    Hi Michael! your videos are good and interesting. I was thinking that why are you not reviewing Neblio? They already have their web wallet, Orion, where you can easily create your own token.

  2. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Very informative video Michael. Thank you. As far as banks and crypto in India. Most everyone who is involved or thinking about investing must be aware that push back from institutions will only get more severe. I however believe this just further demonstrates the need for a decentralized financial structure and will eventually help grow crypto. The concept of a crypto bank is an awesome idea. I have pondered the idea myself however for such an institution to be founded the right country must be selected for laws that allow foreign investors from all over the world. What are your thoughts Michael on such an institution? Can it be done legally and will the U.S.D be the fiat that backs it? There must be a well thought out plan in my opinion that does not rely on just the U.S.D but perhaps a basket of currencies and even maybe a few precious metals and global properties?

  3. Rovin Sankigof
    Rovin Sankigof says:

    Hello Michael, you know your videos always gives me the ability to stay on right track, so there is something that i want to understand fully, it's about Neblio, if you give your review about NEBL that will be great. As i am really interested about Neblio because their desktop wallet is staking 10% / year and they already have their web wallet, Orion, where you can easily create your own token.


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