Polish Central Bank admitted to have paid YouTubers to make anti-crypto videos. They were doing a campaign against cryptocurrencies on YouTube and Facebook.

Article: https://cointelegraph.com/news/polish-central-bank-secretly-funds-anti-crypto-youtube-propaganda-videos


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  1. Wojciech Buczkowski
    Wojciech Buczkowski says:

    Some more info (I'm from Poland): Yes, Polish Central Bank paid for these videos and it's confirmed on the paper. Is the Poland crypto-minded? Yes and no. Yes, because we have got really great project and ppl behind them and many ppl going into the crypto space is from Poland. No, because the government like always want to fight against innovations that's why one exchange closed their services and another (thankfully with a lawyers) is going to fightback when they will need that. Poland isn't developing National Cryptocurrency – it's a project made without influence and support of a government. And please don't be upset about this video from "Marcin Dubiel" because he is still really well known from his fake-pranks and his audience is let's say close-minded ppl. Greetings from Poland, I'm still with ya YaI from the bottom 🙂

  2. Maciej Pochciał
    Maciej Pochciał says:

    Polish national cryptocurrency was not an idea of Polish goverment and was not developing by them. It was a project of Polish programmers. When goverment realized what is going on, they cut all the grants for this project (they were geting some grants for innovataive projects). Poland (as a goverment) is rather antycrypto orientated. Poland (as Polish people) is really crypto orientated because we are anty goverment orientated (no mater who really governs), and because we have a lot of world class programmers. Unfortunately they have to work for foreign projects and foreign comapanies, because making bussines in Poland is really hard topic.

  3. Porobieni Ireland
    Porobieni Ireland says:

    Poland is not developing any national currency. It is a contract to external company and initiative is not coming from Poland. Polish politics are going to another dimension (not with Tron 😎). The reason? Check what the revenue JPK is…. That is the answer.

  4. Cryptocoin Kiwi
    Cryptocoin Kiwi says:

    Like all banks, they are against free market crypto currencies but all for their own centralised crypto currencies (which really isn't that much different from the current system really)

  5. Anonimowe kłamstwa
    Anonimowe kłamstwa says:

    Hi man, nice video. It shows how people, who govern in Poland, make a brain washing with polish society. I think, that next step is to ban cryptocurrency in Poland and it is just a matter of time. It is sad, but true. About polish national cryptocurrency project (dPLN), it is not a government project, but polish developers project – independent people 😉 Best regards from Poland 😉


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