I wanted to do this video for some time already. My experience with “the making of” Tai Lopez his cryptocurrency course made me feel disgusted. The way they did the selection process, the people being selected and the people behind this course was all a big mess. I don’t want to call out Tai Lopez, but people should think twice before buying his crypto course (which he values at $1,500). All the info is for free on YouTUbe and the so-called experts might not be what you expect. I’ve been in this process from the beginning until the end but it was clear from the selection of 15 people onwards that I was not going to do it anyway, regardless the intention of the course.


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  1. William Franco
    William Franco says:

    Dont respect him. Why in the fuck would anyone think there should be a CRYPTO COURSE? thats the stupest shit ever. theres nothing to learn. you buy … and will either make… or lose money….

  2. Andres Vernazza
    Andres Vernazza says:

    It's interesting how Tai Lopez doesn't have any more videos about crypto anymore… I remember back in December 2017, he would invite a bunch of "EXPERTS" in his channels all the time, which most of them said cryptos were going up in the short term…. well… those "experts" were not even close "experts".

  3. jurgen vanneste
    jurgen vanneste says:

    Hi Quinten, thx om dit te sharen! 😉 Ik volg Dave levine en de experten die hij volgt (zie zijn twitter account). Zijn droomportfolio is op dit moment 50% BTC, 25% ETH en 25% XLM. Ikzelf heb momenteel 63% BTC, 20% XLM, 9% ETH en 7% EOS. Ik hou mij vooral bezig met lange termijn winnaars en ik ben laag in alts om mijn risico laag te houden. Ik ben aan het wachten op de volgende bitcoin run om dan terug wat meer over te gaan in alts. Wat stel jij voor als enkele interessante projecten voor 2019?

  4. Eric Neyer
    Eric Neyer says:

    It's true that the information in nearly any online course can be found for free if you have the time and ability to sort it out. However, sometimes it's more efficient to pay money to someone with experience who has condensed and organized the information. I haven't seen Tai Lopez's course so I can't say whether it's true in that case, but $1500 does seem ridiculous.

  5. BJ
    BJ says:

    Great. Everything you clearly stated here about crypto course of Tai. One thing missed man, as you said last mail from them "you are selected for creating course together with Dan and Dave for tai", you deleted that ? And also your reply too deleted ? Anyway, nice video man.

  6. Felrobert
    Felrobert says:

    Use to believe in it and tell everyone how great Coinbase and Crypto is until now that Coinbase admittedly told me my account been comprised but cannot give my Bitcoins back. Coinbase sent my coins to different wallets without my permission talking about robbing and stealing from their own neighbor here in San Francisco. Let's all start class action lawsuit against this startup that robbed us blindly.

  7. Fekade Senbeta
    Fekade Senbeta says:

    No one is an expert smh let alone you being the only expert out of a group of 15 people that also invested in crypto. Anyone who says they are an expert is misinformed about their knowledge and wisdom (in this field since its SO NEW). Don't be a hypocrite now. This is an unpredictable market that has potential. Even Brock Pierce said that and you call yourself an expert? Hmmmm interesting. How are you an expert on an unpredictable tomorrow?

    Although you are providing good info for free, get off your high horse. You sound salty cause Tai is charging and making money off of education people and you're making money from youtube. You videos are free but you are still profiting, don't bs.

  8. mrdave2112
    mrdave2112 says:

    People look up the definition of controlled opposition. He doesn't care which one of the cryptos you buy as long as you buy one. Make no mistake; this guy and Tai coordinated this video. If you want to successfully capitalize on cryptos, know that they are all a scam and knowing that will give you an advantage over people that don't see this. You want the competitive edge to know exactly what crypto to buy and exactly when to buy and dump it to maximize your gains and minimize any losses. Make sense?

  9. Some Guy
    Some Guy says:

    Having a tough time in 2018? Looking for a project with big things coming up?

    Look into BLUE.

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    Full team reveal coming at the end of April.

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    Expecting great things from this project, dyor and take a closer look to learn more.

  10. Huu Toan Nguyen
    Huu Toan Nguyen says:

    I don’t know what to share with you guys. But I have to try. For me, after spending more than $3000 for many online course, I realize the truth which most people don’t want to admit: we are the best teachers of ourselves. I mean, 90% of the lessons I learned can be found on the Internet, for real. Some people just collect and set them up in many different frame, then sell as courses… If we are not lazy, we can research and learn many thing. I just have been in the crypto market since Oct 2017 and mainly invested in small altcoins (DeepOnion, Wax, Zcash to name a few). I did lose money but learned a lot and gain my own experience. Things are turning well for now. There is no free lunch guys. Stop taking courses promise you fast results. There is no such thing.

  11. Timothy Hirman
    Timothy Hirman says:

    Quinten. I'm a 58 year old guy who has only been investing in cryptos for about 9 months. I am impressed with your honesty, ethics, knowledge, etc. Thanks for everything you do. Keep being yourself. See you.

  12. Joshua Remintier
    Joshua Remintier says:

    Brother thank you so much for this, I knew Tai didn't know anything about cryptocurrencies but I thought the so called experts he brought on might be of some validity, but it turns out not just some hogwash. Thank you again bcuz I was wondering just curious what the course would be like but thanks to you I know it's not even worth considering. More power and blessing to you Brother!!

  13. Chero Pulse
    Chero Pulse says:

    Hey hey heyyyyyyyyy………………………………..BITTCONNNNEEEECCCCCCCCT
    Bitconnect, are you serious?????

    He made me suspicious right from the beginning. Thanks for sharing I thought I am the only one, I guess tailopez is just in for the money not the technology

    Check out Ivan on Tech with Grand Cardone thats the real deal

    Thumbs UP

  14. Chero Pulse
    Chero Pulse says:

    He made me suspicious right from the beginning. Thanks for sharing I thought I am the only one, I gutess tailopez is just in for the money not the technology

    Check out Ivan on Tech with Grand Cardone thats the real deal

  15. tihkal
    tihkal says:

    I don't think you can get upset at people for making money, I think it does 2 positive things: 1 it makes people that buy "invest" not only monetarily but mentally, therefore they're more likely to commit to learning about the subject matter. And 2, it fuels the marketing machine that allows the product owner to blast advertisements all over the web that pull brand new people into the crypto space. If they are making a lot of money off their product they're able to reach millions and millions of new people which will only help crypto overall. It does suck that their content was weak, I think Tai was just moving a little too quick trying to take advantage of the opportunity while it was presented and made misinformed hiring decisions. Can't blame the guy, he's fucking smart. Too bad you couldn't contribute to the course and get a couple hundred thousand in commission checks while helping create a well-rounded course to onboard people with. But the sales process is completely necessary for any type of massive growth. For someone to adopt an idea, concept or movement they need to be sold on it. I say more power to whoever is doing a good job selling the idea of the crypto movement as long as it's backed by good information. A refined sales process + a self funding marketing machine = the entire crypto space growing exponentially and defying the never ending gravity of negativity and FUD the mainstream media propagates.

  16. John Wheaton
    John Wheaton says:

    Tai is one of those people who hook newbies in with long "letters" about how they can make money doing something, then near the bottom of the long sales pitch is the critical information: how much money you need to spend to get their exclusive content. It's usually a four-figure price, supposedly heavily discounted from a much higher price. It's a tried-and-true online sales gimmick, for real estate investing, gold and silver investing, forex trading, content creation, day trading, and now cryptocurrencies. Teeka Tiwari has jumped on the bandwagon, too. I went through one of his long shpiels and got enough information to figure out which projects he was talking about, because I've been involved in crypto since 2013 and I probably know as much as he does.

    sadly, a lot of people will spend money on these courses that would be better spent directly investing in Bitcoin or other cryptos.

  17. The Umpire's Post
    The Umpire's Post says:

    Tai calls himself an entrepreneur, but IMO is really a marketeer. Personally, not a big fan of marketing, however in order to succeed, whether in a big or small way, or to sell (especially in a large scale) any product or service, marketing is a major factor in that equation. Most successful individuals know that image and presentation is of upmost importance. On the other hand, many people don't really realize that often times the most popular (I.e. best selling, best known) of anything is really not the best, but rather the most advertised and cleverly marketed. A product could be full of fluff (very little or no substance), but yet thousands or even millions buy into into strictly based on the manipulation/perceptions created by millions of dollars of Ads and a good Marketing Department, and Promoters. Not to say that advertised products are all crap, but the gems are many times less known and not as noticeable….

  18. LauchGainz
    LauchGainz says:

    I have huge RESPECT for how you handled this situation Quentin! You made the right choice by holding to your principles even though it must have been very exciting to be part of such a huge thing. A lot of people say that Tai Lopez is still a great entrepreneur because of look at what he has achieved. But to me someone who would clearly sell his mother for some $$$ is not getting any Respect. The only thing you can use from him is some motivation but I can't anymore since I have no love for this guy. In fact I want to shit on his face!


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