The Rockefellers entered crypto. Their VC fund, Venrock, is starting with investing in crypto very soon. Their partnered up with a crypto fund. This caused the market to surge over the weekend, gaining 6-7% over saturday and sunday. On Monday the market suddenly lost 7% again, caused by whales dumping BTC or MtGox dumping a package of Bitcoin on public exchanges?

Just another day in crypto..


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  1. kris esplin
    kris esplin says:

    The Mt. Gox BTC sell off can and will happen again unless someone steps in to prevent it… Surely a class action suit is possible if Nobuaki Kobayashi's reckless disregard for market economics was indeed a major factor in 2018 selloff? From Crypto Crimson (linked below)
    "Reportedly, Kobayashi has sold off 6,000 Bitcoins when the price was around $16,000 on the 22nd of December. This massive sell-off led to the price crashing down (momentarily) to $10,800. Following that, Kobayashi again sold off 8,000 Bitcoins on the 17th of January, which brought the markets into a 'bloodbath' phase. Kobayashi then proceeded to sell off 6,000 more Bitcoins on the 31st of January. His final sell came on the 6th of February when prices were struggling around the $6,000 mark. While it makes sense for Kobayashi to sell when markets were peaking, it was rather strange for him to sell off on the 31st of January and 6th of February, when the markets were struggling and were on a 'free-fall'. This leads to the suspicion that Kobayashi may have been attempting to manipulate the prices" (

  2. MrDj
    MrDj says:

    They don‘t believe cryptocurrency, they just smell the money! How did the marketcap reach 800 Billion $? Do you think all the people believed in crypto? No they wanted to just earn quick money! I have lots of friends that they just bought btc or ltc or eth or ripple just because while they saw the all hype news in media! They did not know how could they buy cryptos with fiat! They bought with cryptobons or cryptoautomats! Now you say Rockerfeller believe in crypto sorry i can‘t imagine that!

  3. lancerzx
    lancerzx says:

    im so tired of this BTC BS….. im starting to loose hope on recovery… much manipulations from many people….. i wouldnt be surprised if the Rockefeller just came in just to crash the market on defense of their own assets (banks) i dont know, im way to negative today, sorry


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