My cryptocurrency portfolio went up with 12% this month, while the market went up with 31%. Even though I didn’t beat the market this month, I think that I did pretty well for someone not holding bitcoin right now, because bitcoin was the reason the market went up so much and it sucked up the value of the altcoins. This resulted in altcoin prices going down this month.


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  1. Tom Mooney
    Tom Mooney says:

    Hello…i am new to Cryptocurrency & really enjoy your video posts…very helpful! I noticed you use a monthly Excel spreadsheet. Would you be willing to share it as it would prove very useful 🙂 If so, please email me : Thank You!

  2. Rajkumar Das
    Rajkumar Das says:

    Hi.. I am follwowing you and I would like to ask you, what do you think about MODUM. It had a incredible run from position 967 to position 96 of the Cryptos. There is a fantastic business plan behind. What do you think about it.

  3. TrunXo4
    TrunXo4 says:

    Yo Quinten , is there a place we can check what and when you buy and also when u sell … thats a really important part of trading that lots of people dont cover … like for example , i followed ur advice on Metal which is up abit since i bought , but what price are we aiming at ? when do we sell this? Thx man 🙂

  4. Marc B
    Marc B says:

    Great vid Quinten, as always. Glad you are soooo open with your portfolio. Keep them coming 🙂 Much appreciate it.
    What is your tip on cash out from altcoins with lowest fees? Are you usually sell alt coins to eth, then exchange eth to btc and then 1. cash out or 2.reinvest = buying new alt with btc? Or what is your strategy? Thanks a million

  5. Sun2k
    Sun2k says:

    will you do ICO review of Kryptopia? They're bringing a social media platform like FB centered around cryptocurrency investing and trading. People get rewarded just like steemit when they post content that contibutes value to the ecosystem. Experienced traders gets rewarded when they share content, earn % profit when they also someone to share their investment strategy and they have an exchange buit in… Win win for everyone and we get to introduce crypto to more mainstream ppl. Check it out …. extra bonus if you use my referal link ST333

  6. A C
    A C says:

    Hey ! nice gains !
    I converted all my bitcoin to litecoin and some Zcash and lisk before the bgold fork and will
    not go back to bitcoin … gotta bad feeling about the b2x fork .
    Keep up the nice work :))

  7. Dylan532
    Dylan532 says:

    i like that you are open with your trades and portfolio. It helps understand how you make the right calls and like all people, wrong calls. Keep up the good videos

  8. Juan Rojas
    Juan Rojas says:

    Hey, followed your advice on metal and currently up on the trade, bought in @ 6.80ish. If btc took the money from alts coin for the btc gold hard fork then the same scenario probably will happen for btc segwit 2x. It is an iffy trade but it's better to ride the trend then go against it.


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