Goldman Sachs is “The Bank That Runs The World”. The most powerful private institution in the world. The Netflix documentary is for sure worth to watch!

Will Godman Sachs soon run crypto as well? I think that won’t be a bad thing, given their status in the financial industry and Wall Street. With their startup Circle they aleady aquired Poloniex, they launched a stable coin and now they also invested in the very promising cryptocurrency custody service BitGo.

I’m convinced a lot will follow the example of Goldman Sachs.


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  1. Absilon
    Absilon says:

    I sure hope the big banks will not take over crypto. But they probably will. By the way, my favorite crypto is at this time is FGC. It's one of a very few cryptos with a real world use.

  2. German Oli
    German Oli says:

    actually it make sense, because crypto needs more garanties for the investors, nobody wants lose money, especially not institutional investor. Very optimistic as well for the crypto bright future in overal. still we have some time to buy even more bitcoin, erhereum, neo, vechain etc. (not financial advice, just personal opinion)


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