BREAKING NEWS coming in: Goldman Sachs-backed startup Circle buys Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange for $400 million. The rumor was already spreading about a month ago but it’s now confirmed. This means banks are more involved in crypto than they make it appear. I think this is a huge sign towards the crypto market. And they have big plans for it!



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35 replies
  1. Cammac8
    Cammac8 says:

    Dude…. connect the dots and see that the banks are coming in to MANIPULATE the market!!!! Look at what Goldman Sachs has shorted in recent history!!!! This is NOT good news for crypto, it fucking undermines the entire market by making it completely susceptible to pumping and dumping!

  2. Peter Petrov
    Peter Petrov says:

    This is not great news. Quite the opposite. Cryptocurrency will be in for a wild and wonderful ride (mostly downward like a spiral). Great news about the banks would read like this: "Management of GS were convicted for racketeering, bribery and money laundering."

  3. Rene Setar
    Rene Setar says:

    I'm not excited about this, Goldman Sachs has always been fraudalent as JP morgan, I would prefer to see decentralised exchanges, and merchant adoption to accept cryptocurrency globaly (so I don't need to convert to dollar or euro again)

  4. Colton Brummel
    Colton Brummel says:

    I sure hope they don't freeze the market during the most critical of times like Poloniex did last year (remember Stellar)…. Given the banksters are now governing the site, it will likely only be worse now….

  5. mikeythearchangel
    mikeythearchangel says:

    high fives to everyone who believes in crypto (;
    this is a very simple case of them being unable to beat us?
    hence being forced to join us (suckers 😉
    ….congratulations to all the free thinking courageous minds
    who find themselves on the right side of history today. <3
    our system is better because its actually fair. <3

  6. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    Goldman Sachs isn't interested in Bitcoin and I don't get why people got that idea from. They are clearly investing in crypto asset technology with actual use cases and/or connected to other assets.

  7. SmartwatcherS S
    SmartwatcherS S says:

    in crypto steel peoples money is easy there is no regulation. so if goldman takes over poloniex and freeze peoples money what can you against it. 400m is nothing i think there is more money in poloniex than 400m.

  8. XRP Republic
    XRP Republic says:

    Polo dropped not because of competition but because of their s*** customer service. So many customers with missing funds. I've been waiting 2 months for my support ticket to be processed. Circle just threw 400m Into a black hole.

  9. EdTech Consulting
    EdTech Consulting says:

    They spread lots of FUD then take hugh positions on the dips. Guess who last week went after a hugh amount of XRP – ummmm yes it so they may as well own it, makes sense. As they say if you can't beat em join em and that's what banks will or are doing.


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