Here’s what I think Bitcoin will do in 2020 and what my specific prediction is based on.

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  1. sonia clinton
    sonia clinton says:

    While the bounce is encouraging,a bullish reversal is likely still a way off bitcoin needs to close above $8,300 by the end of the month or we will likely have a bearish month to test new lows , bitcoin is too volatile and unpredictable tourely solely on just ,holding.thats why I trade daily with signals and strategies provided by Belvinscott tradings,his services are strong, efficient,accurate and precise .I have grown my portfolio from 3btc to 10btc in just two weeks of using his signals .Accumulating and increasing your position while waiting for the bull run is a better it's only fair I encourage others to find a competent traders for maximum profitability especially now when there is lots of despair in the space .. Belvinscott tradings can be reached on WhatsApp (+17146432108)or via hangouts on for more guidance and assistance support in any crypto trading issues..

  2. Admi Coinz
    Admi Coinz says:

    Ondanks dat ik een hekel heb aan TA heb je een mooie video samen gesteld met de meest gekende charts. Ik hoop dat je gelijk hebt! 😉
    Mijn voorspelling voor de fun:
    Begin 2020 richting 6200-6300 om dan naar 8400 te gaan rond de halving en erna weer een drop richting 6k

  3. bulbandre Madelyn
    bulbandre Madelyn says:

    Most times I am shocked in the recent fluctuations in bitcoins price .and Satoshi is now increasing so much, that alot of people now buyt Satoshi in exchange for bitcoin Most traders now go into serious competition of knowing who comes out the best in the crypto market. and alot of new beginners been so confused on the right choice of traders to make .but Eventually china crypto global market has announced {BELVINSCOTT BITCOINS TRADINGS SERVICES}as the traders that stands outstanding amongst all traders in the crypto market and a good source of traders one can make his weekly profits can reach this great team of traders on WhatsApp for assistance in both bitcoin Investing, bitcoin mining and other related crypto issues.probaby chat their support services on WhatsApp (+17146432108).

  4. lifeiseasy
    lifeiseasy says:

    According to a lot of charts, the cycles are getting longer and longer between peaks, but I don't think that is how it will play out. The bitcoin halving cycles are four years long. Granted, the timing of the peaks can vary within the four year term, but history predicts one blow-off top within every four year cycle.

  5. Stanley fujiwara
    Stanley fujiwara says:

    This video is very insightful… bitcoin is still feeling bearish.. accumulating and growing your portfolio should be the goal of any investor..i made my first million this year with professional help from Mrs Nancy Berman Epstein….she handles my portfolio ..she's quite well known in the states

  6. Chris Wood
    Chris Wood says:

    Well the price is 100% manipulated by the bankers with there derivative trades on the exchanges so it's up to them . If they own a mega mining farms like the 1 giga watt that's opening in Texas then they will pump it. If they are still buying otc they will keep it just above mining costs.

  7. Fitness Knowledge
    Fitness Knowledge says:

    Got to love the guessing game its so funny fuck TA Fuck SUPPORT fuck RESTANCE no ta every needed go to bitmex fast money maker. make 20% per trade u can do that in mins no bullshit i use to use TA wish i never wasted my time. T A N E V E R W O R K S is ur break out of ema lol lol indicators what's that still bull shit wwwooowww u can guess so much ur brilliant

  8. Bruce Burger
    Bruce Burger says:

    Seeing nobody I know is interested in bitcoin in 2019, I think the same thing will happen in 2020. Probably, won't reach all time highs, we would be lucky to get back to 14-15k next year.

  9. Kevin G
    Kevin G says:

    Your chart at the end of the video shows the bull market starting too late for the 3rd cycle. It starts several months later than what you highlighted. Therefore, I think the next bull cycle we’ll see will end before your July 2022 prediction.

    I do agree with your $75k prediction although I think it’ll go higher than that personally

  10. Vincent Smith
    Vincent Smith says:

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