Here is why Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to hit $10,000 in the beginning of 2018.
Because of EMC Bitcoin futures maybe triggering a Bitcoin ETF, institutional investors coming,…


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  1. Mistercoryj
    Mistercoryj says:

    cool vid so far 🙂 Im new to the crypto space and honestly am looking for more in depth info and/or a donation blessing from anyone to get me started. 1KV9Kad2Daxovw75R9NMcpTZQmRQWY4YZ2 Thanks in advance.

  2. Joey Barrelwilde
    Joey Barrelwilde says:

    The reality is, there is no logical reason that Bitcoin would not be at, or near $10,000.00 in January 2018. The logical reasoning is, Bitcoin has maintained a stable plateau. The stability is present, dips did occur, but that is normal, and does not thwart the stability, or upward trend.

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  3. Jay Dee
    Jay Dee says:

    Quinten, you got it all wrong. Bitcoin Futures market will only deal with BETS on Bitcoin. They will not be buying, selling, or exchanging in BTC. All futures contracts will be settled in US dollars – not BTC. While this is positive step towards REAL mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, Futures markets will not be dealing with BITCOIN directly.

  4. maxie
    maxie says:

    Hey Quinten, asked this before, but Digital Price doesnt seem to be doing much (both in terms of price and in terms of development). Are you planning to sell? Or did you sell already?

  5. Kirill Ivanovich
    Kirill Ivanovich says:

    Hi Quentin! Nice to see you back and healthy!

    The ability to buy futures DOESN'T imply that you have to buy the actual bitcoin. It may be just a contract where one side at the end has to pay the FIAT price for the underlying asset.

    Now, ETF DOESN'T really needs to buy Bitcoin either, because there are futures, which it can buy instead of. So if an ETF has to hold 100,000 BTC it can buy just 100,000 futures for BTC.

    and, look, SEC, actually, refers to the need for the derivatives (our futures in that case) to allow the creation of an ETF

    ”When the spot market is unregulated–there must be significant, regulated derivatives markets related to the underlying asset with which the exchange can enter into a surveillance-sharing agreement.”

  6. andrea
    andrea says:

    bitcoin futures markets will massively manipulate the price of btc like they do with gold and stocks since ages. good bye btc volatility and $100k easy btc prediction, only based on supply and demands


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