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I had a hard lesson this month: short term investments can do so much damage in cryptocurrencies. An unforeseen event in Metal caused my portfolio is go down with 23% this month. My worst month so far, but a valuable lesson learned.


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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Wow, I really have to say, I have been learning and looking into crypto's substantially recently and you are the one person on the internet that I feel like I can trust the word and opinion of completely. You're obviously a very smart person and I (along with others in the comments) really appreciate your honesty. I first became aware of BTC about 2 years ago for reasons more practical than economically viable. Since seeing individual BTC's at £200 each and now approaching £8000 it's easy to feel even for myself that I have learned a hard lesson, I can only imagine the greatness of such that those who sold / lost large amounts too early feel. Knowing this I feel it is too late for BTC for me, especially with such a minimal startup investment (as a student with a minimum wage job I have little spare, however what I do have I am investing! [knowing full well the risks, but I'm in it for the long-haul]) and so altcoins is where I am intending to look. Perhaps if Bitcoin drops within the next few weeks I would like to get some BTC just to hold alongside my ethereum. I'm still constructing my portfolio, and it seems that with such an array of optomistically exciting technologies from multiple promising companies choosing exactly which will provide a challenge haha!

    I really like the looks of IOTA, Lisk (thoughts?), Bitshares, Cardano, TenX and Substratum. What about NEO still?

    My only problem is that with the recent high growth across all these companies do people possibly think now is not the best time to invest? Is there likely to be a recede soon for the whole market in which buying would be the most viable time? Or is now a good time to buy in, and if so which companies? Anyway, I realise now in my stoned state I have waffled on this comment for far too long and I just wanted to once again show my support for your channel and congratulate you on doing such a great job. Cheers mejt

  2. Gonzalo Lozano
    Gonzalo Lozano says:

    Build that long-term portfolio, you've got a good head on your shoulders. Great material, & presentation. It's unfortunately an ugly part of investing, but that forms your do's & dont's moving forward. You are figuring it out. 17K Subscribers second that! Lesson Learned, keep at it!

  3. Satoshi Chris
    Satoshi Chris says:

    Hey dude, enjoyed your video, i'm new to YouTube and Crypto im invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. My question is when do you take profits? Do you wait until you hit a target and scrape some off the top or do you sell it all when it reaches a price you think is the top? Good luck.

  4. 0BiRi0N
    0BiRi0N says:

    Is Aeron another perfect storm?? We be looking at a measly 5mil market cap with 12mil circulating supply. 4mil in 24hr volume 3 days running. Targeting airport industry with viable solution. Road map implementation imminent. Looky like double or triple bottom on the 3 month. Perfect storm??

  5. Saad Qureshi
    Saad Qureshi says:

    I'm also stucked with metal. However, I'm not willing to sell at loss so I'll be waiting for atleast a break-even. It's at $5.5 and i hope it will recover because it's actually a good product with good team behind it.

  6. Massimo Valtino
    Massimo Valtino says:

    A very nice and honest video.
    Generally people dont show their numbers.
    However i see that your portfolio does not has a strong base.
    1/3 or even half of your money should be in the top 5 strong coins. So that you investment is more solid. Like BTC ETH LTC .Specially BTC.
    This for the reason that whatever happens , the base is solid, and loses that you have, can be recovered with the strong coins like BTC ETH.
    Most of your money is in new born coins, that even that may look promosing , time has not proven them.
    Example: BTC is an icon. No matter what , it is the base.With all the problems, it is the GOD of crypto.
    Just a personal opinion not a financial advice

  7. Fghtrfrm
    Fghtrfrm says:

    "I totally got rekt this month" what a legend 😀
    Heads up dude you will have better months again. This rollercaster is the ride we signed up for.
    Did you like Frankfurt though ?

  8. WlMPZ
    WlMPZ says:

    What about XRB? Another DAG like IOTA.. no coordinator. Not an ICO.. been around a while but had a faucet keeping the price down. Impressive whitepaper. Supply is fully distributed but CMC hasn't been updated. Eliminates POW and only 23 million market cap. The only difference is IOTA is focused on M2M and XRB is focused on P2P. New wallet by January. Really active dev team.

  9. Jules Rockefeller
    Jules Rockefeller says:

    I made +68% just hodling this Month. THe Market is crazy theese days, Alts are suffering hard from the Bitcoin Mooning, but I think they will rocket when Bitcoin gets a correction, and the 10.000 USD Mark will bring many people inside this market. Just Hodl 🙂

  10. Conot42
    Conot42 says:

    I'm sorry that really sucks but at least you learned to stay away from the lower cryptos with big bets.
    I would never put 50% of
    My holding in one coin other then bitcoin and ether


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