My 2018 price prediction for Litecoin LTC.
Litecoin always moved within a fork of 15 to 50 times to Bitcoin its price. Right now it’s 48.
Here are the reasons why I think Litecoin will do well as well as how much I think it will be worth by the end of 2018


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  1. Dennis Flunk
    Dennis Flunk says:

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  2. _Galaxia_
    _Galaxia_ says:

    Asking people to give the video a thumbs up and asking them to subscribe at the beginning of the video is assuming that the viewer is stupid. Normally someone would not subscribe or give the video a thumbs up before the person even watched it. Say it at the end of the video and/or say something about it during the video or show a subscribe button/ like in the middle of the video but never in the beginning

  3. omar bruce
    omar bruce says:

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  4. Jana Kelviclova
    Jana Kelviclova says:

    Thanks for the good tips, I’ve looked back to your older predictions (ripple,…) to see how your advice stands next to reality. I’m considering your tips quite seriously in my own investments as you seem to know what you’re talking about. Greetings from Gent.

  5. tuhas pedro
    tuhas pedro says:

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  6. Aaron Monroe
    Aaron Monroe says:

    Charlie Lee can't sell a product for shit. I used to love Litecoin but Lee ruined it for me. I'm not saying Litecoin won't increase in value, it's dumb to think it won't, however it won't reach its full potential until Lee is gone. It had the power to rival Ethereum but Lee ruined that every chance he got. Vitalik has more confidence in his product and Charlie can never compete with that. He recently said in an interview that Litecoin can drop as low as $20! For those who will buy it at $200+, how is that assuring?! All he's doing is telling you that if you buy it for hundreds, you'll lose money because it's going to sink to below triple digits.

  7. Daniel R.
    Daniel R. says:

    Hi Guys, i am happy with ADA (cardano). Has give big money. I have also VERGE and now i am also interested to buy TRON and LITECOIN
    Let us thinking about the price of the four at the end of 2018.
    I think:
    – ADA 5 dollar
    – Verge 1 dollar
    – Tron 60 cent
    – Litecoin 6000 dollar

    What do you think?

  8. David Lloyd
    David Lloyd says:

    If you dont beleive what I am saying have a look at the buy and sell order, large volume in the buy orders at lower prices small seller keep the price down, not so many big sellers even at higher prices, check this out keep your eyes on it.

  9. David Lloyd
    David Lloyd says:

    Dont wait to invest in Electroneum, I dont beleive it will go down as there are too many expecting this to happen, many of these are large investors that cannot buy at the moment because the supply is too small and they would just push the price up and not get the numbers they want

  10. luckyomari
    luckyomari says:

    Yes, I agree. Litecoin is the silver to Bitcoin's gold. True, and pretty exciting. The intent for Litecoin is for it to eventually trade in the range of 1/10 Bitcoin’s value much closer to the silver/gold ratio. While we’re likely to see an eventual battle for dominance between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as some of the original backers of BTC intend for Bitcoin Cash to eventually overtake original BTC,.


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