My top 3 cryptocurrency picks for October 2017 with Stratis and more! What is yours?


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  1. Young And Investing
    Young And Investing says:

    The reason why it went down the last few days is because of one of the intials investors (Jason from Alphabit) dumped his 600,000 MTL (worth $6M at that time) and completely destroyed the price because of that. No reason to panic sell, this is an unforeseen event which we cannot do a lot about… I'm holding because the quality of this coin doesn't change because of this. This is something totally out of our controle. More info on my Facebook or Twitter.

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  4. 1DaTJones
    1DaTJones says:

    Hi Quentin, I really love your analysis and information. Thank you. I guess, even though you said these coins were good buys for November, it’s too late to get them now is it? Is there any upside left?

  5. Marc B
    Marc B says:

    Quinton, great picks, indeed. If I would have invested into all 3 as you suggested, there would be a very nice return already after 1 week (Stratis almost 100%, others + 30%, 40%). I have just started with crypto last week, so slowely learning how to do stuff here. The biggest drawback with those altcoins for me is, they are traded at various exchanges and it takes time to set them up. Plus, it is a bit cumbersome to trade them thru XBT (many not possible to trade for ETH or FIAT), as XBT is the slowest to exchange, transfer, etc. But alt coins seem definitely a good choice for shortime/daily trading, especially with insights from you 😉 Eventually I ended up with OMG, CIVIC and Ubiq. Hope to see some bullish trend there 🙂 Anyway, thanks a lot for your great work. Much appreciate it.


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