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Unboxing and review of the Cobo Vault cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

The Cobo Vault team sent one of their new hardware wallets to me and I decided to do an unboxing & review about it.

This cryptocurrency hardware wallet is military degree secured. Both hardware and software are extremely. All interesting features explained in the video. Check it out!

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  1. Odaine Tomlinson
    Odaine Tomlinson says:

    I love your videos. I am very selective of who I listen to and I can say that I am very impressed with your understanding and know how…And in regards to the Cobo Vault I am very impressed and surprised I haven't heard of it before (I just bought mine today). I was curious if you or anyone knows if/when XRP or IOT Chain will be acceptable wallets for the cobo vault one day?

  2. DanielMOFO
    DanielMOFO says:

    You don't need to buy multiple nano ledger s. You need to uninstall apps to make room. Your coins will not disappear, because the private and public keys are based on your passphrase.

  3. Ch K.
    Ch K. says:

    Hardware wallets will become obsolete within the next years. The first major smartphone manufacturer currently add a separate chip inside their new devices like HTC and Huawei which works like a hardware wallet. It's way more convenient than a separate device for storing crypto. You carry your phone always with you and it's more safe with fingerprints than just a pin.

    It could also improve mass adoption in a huge way when suddenly average Joe with his new phone has a super safe (and likely more user-friendly) way to store his crypto. This reduces the entry barrier.
    I believe more and more manufacturers will follow this trend. The final step will be Apple. But even if they are pioneers in things like the notch, no headphone jack and way more stuff they are always super late with features like NFC, wireless charging and so on. So imo it may may take five years until they implement a hardware wallet chip. iPhone 15 here we go^^
    Thanks for reading.

  4. robbycast
    robbycast says:

    Do u really need more than 4 “at the same time” it takes a minute to switch to a different crypto on ledger nano s. Ledger live is pretty amazing as well. U can see your entire portfolio without having to hook up your nano. Ledger nano accommodates a lot more Cryptos than this product if your saying it holds 8. Ledger nano actually holds a lot more than that. Come on bro 🙂 not bashing this product it is still bad ass


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