Bitcoin and altcoins are in a new leg up, after we reached a third bottom last week. What are now the different scenarios for the next few months? Are the signs bullish or bearish?

This is my own opinion, not professional advice. This is a game of odds, nobody is always right in their predictions. You should base your investments on your own decisions.


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  1. Thanos X Escrow
    Thanos X Escrow says:

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  2. Tina Bollman
    Tina Bollman says:

    Thanks for the TA. Enjoy your videos. I was wondering if you would take a look at a coin called Bezant? Korean based, all star team and it’s working on getting listed on some bigger exchanges. I’d appreciate your thoughts on it.

  3. El Ruelled
    El Ruelled says:

    Its Naive to not consider the impact of XRP on BTC instituational momey. If institutions chose to hold XRP instead of XBTC the whole btc space wil transform into a speculative dubbel for a coin with no real usecase. Its slow its old its expensive

  4. Tapan Bhatt
    Tapan Bhatt says:

    Hi, Haven’t you monetized your youtube account? I don’t see ads when I watch your videos.

    If yes, thank you. I hate ads. Personal donations more encouraged.🙂✌🏼

  5. HCui
    HCui says:

    Thanks for the informative video, as always. want to ask one thing: Zencash, which is recently attacked on 2nd, June, now is crashing, huge dump since yesterday, do you have any comments on that?


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