China’s Biggest Political Event Sees Blockchain Praise. Does it mean China is opening up?
0:58 Market Analysis
1:58 Bitcoin Transaction Volume Hits Two-Year Low
3:18 China’s Praises Blockchain – but with official party language.
7:45 NEO pauses ! What’s happening!

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40 replies
  1. Aashish Kandel
    Aashish Kandel says:

    Hey, what do you think about the controversy going on with Credits?? Ivan came up with a positive criticism, but he was way more angry and more like jealous… there are rumors he promotes eos so he wants to suppress Credits… Credits did released a code in github and are going to use elliptic curve that was clearly mentioned on whitepaper…I have always been a supporter of Ivan, but now I am starting to have opinions…So, I would like you to cover this topic cauz you are also the one I have been a supporter since a long time

  2. Alexander Ishere
    Alexander Ishere says:

    People are animals of habit. This is the reason why high transfer costs may prove so deadly for the future of bitcoin. Because people get used to using alternatives and less used to using bitcoin. And this convenience and habit used to be, and probably nonetheless still is, the main competitive advantage of bitcoin. So having high transfer fees is the worst possible idea for the future of bitcoin. Already this period of high fees has hurt the actual use of bitcoin currently and for a long time. Only consistent low fees will have a chance to reverse this trend.

  3. D Lux
    D Lux says:

    I really appreciate the China coverage. It's very difficult for a Yankee like me to understand how things are playing out in China and what it all means, so your analysis is much appreciated.

  4. pris bosma
    pris bosma says:

    Royal Kingdom Coin says on their website that they build exchanges and earn a percentage of the fee. Do you think they will be successful? They build four exchanges so far.

  5. liu tong
    liu tong says:

    Download the app of Tencent News. Then you will find that top pinned news is always Xi's pitcture. Giants have huge interests in Blockchain. But government policies is always one of the most important issue for business in China.

  6. Tripod
    Tripod says:

    I don't think the decrease in Neo is totally because of the fud…it is due for a correction, it has never really gone down when bitcoin went down..

  7. jason618
    jason618 says:

    No matter where blockchain and cryptocurrency goes China will never be decentralized they will have control. don't equate what China is doing to the rest of the world and blockchain Technology.


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