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  1. Bkr J
    Bkr J says:

    Awesome crypto video! So much has changed, and xrp always the bride never brides maid that is so funny and true. I do want to mention this however, regarding the next massive bull run coming in crypto soon. If you actually thought the late 2017’s bull run in cryptocurrency space (late dec 2017) was a big deal, oh no. No, no, just wait until the trillions of dollars allocated to alternative assets begin to roll into crypto market.

    I see clearly that the next very massive crypto bull market will be more gigantc than anything we have ever seen before in the cryptosphere.

  2. Peter Petrov
    Peter Petrov says:

    Isn't the #8 coin Omni still being used nonstop? (That's Tether in a way if I'm not mistaken). So they basically have succeeded and live their dream. Too bad for the investors who sponsor an otherwise successful project but have lost money at the end. It's philanthropy! If investing in things that are used by everybody was a successful strategy we would all make a fortune investing in shoes. What I love about Bitcoin is that what you see is what you get! Simple and tested.

  3. Great Gazoo
    Great Gazoo says:

    I am opening my Keep Key with the app. Then I go to this (damn) NEW MEW and select the NEW feature to connect MEW to my Keep Key and it says no device found. I have Chrome loaded and I have access to my Keep Key but still "no device found. WHY!!
    I like the old method to open My Ether Wallet. I'm old school crypto and do not like using my seed to access MEW. Wish this was fixed. I'm angry right now.😡
    Love your show…HELP!!

  4. jjose93
    jjose93 says:

    We have banks jumping in with there private chains and stable coins, and institutions like Fidelity n Nasdaq instututing there own platforms.Will this help or disrupt BTC and alts? Time will tell but another aspect I see is more coins n projects jumping into ventures of decentralized gaming..!!

  5. gtorres1719
    gtorres1719 says:

    #1 Decentralized crypto currently such as DGB LTC BTC etc.. being used on a regular basis. #2 Finally having a decentralized video platform such as Theta and bittube. 3# Elastos for real internet security and privacy.

  6. The Jazz Monastery
    The Jazz Monastery says:

    I imagine a future where blockchain and AI replace our political class with an incorruptible governing algorithm that frees humans from their power-hungry and greedy neighbors who are apparently hell bent on making life more difficult and miserable than it needs be.

  7. Timmy's Investments
    Timmy's Investments says:

    I think in general the future is bright for crypto and the technology, but not as a speculative tool to just buy in and buy out and get back to dollars,
    but a stable tool to stay in ( and I don't mean the current "stable coins" which are just used to park money between trades, etc.).
    The tech is just too good to die, but the current space is just speculation and gambling with coins and 99% just use it to gamble and get back to their dollars and move on.

  8. Ken Parivar
    Ken Parivar says:

    Dear friend I see you are promoting Ledger wallet. I bought Leger nano s and it only let me to install Bitcoin and Ethereum only being new I was wondering if you have any idea on how coin apps I could install thank you and you are doing a great job I am learning a lot from you.

  9. George
    George says:

    At first glance I thought you weren’t wearing a shirt at the end there. 😂Glad you showed the top coins from years ago. Puts it into perspective that things will look different in another 5 years. It does concern me as this shows how Alt coins die. I am sure we all try to invest in good projects/Alts but I am concerned they could potentially die off. Guess that’s the name of the game. Crypto is risky. Still glad I got skin in the game though.

  10. Exciting World Cryptos
    Exciting World Cryptos says:

    A lot has changed in last few years. Many crypto projects have come and gone. Funny, many that come in seem so honest and true. But many seem to leave with their tail between their legs, and on bad terms. More less some not all. Still the wild west of it all. Wow didn't realize the conferences started then. Many things have happened in the last few years. Be interesting to see what happens 5 years down the road. Let's hope something amazing happens soon. Thanks for sharing. Always a fan, sincerely JR

  11. Without Worries
    Without Worries says:

    Blockchain is currently 1990's internet. So don't for a moment think you're late to party. Soon enough we'll see ledgers for not only finance, but identity, property, assets management and even the derivatives market, which no one can track so complicated it is despite carrying trillions of dollars.

  12. Francis
    Francis says:

    I am personnaly very excited about the Brave browser and Basic Attention Token and what they are trying to do with the online advertising world. I really hope they succeed. Just tipped you some BAT by the way 🙂


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