When is it okay to back out of a done deal? DonnyCrypto welched on a cryptocurrency trade, but belives that it’s okay to do so when more profitable opportunities arise. 52% of Twitter agrees with him! I share my thoughts on this, as well as the recent surge in crypto prices and Bloomberg’s ridiculous take on the whole thing.

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  1. Zach Falbe
    Zach Falbe says:

    People need to check with their other deals and make sure they know who they’re going to go with before they agree to the deal. What’s wrong with telling someone before the deal “I’m working with someone else as well and want the best possible price, can I get back to you in 10 or so minutes?”. Not that hard.

  2. easeinbox
    easeinbox says:

    When you make a deal the variables such as time limits should also be agreed upon. Poor deal skills… Back in the day (2011) you had 30 minutes to run to the bank and buy your BTC before the price would change.

  3. Jani
    Jani says:

    This is why the majority consensus doesn't work! … Hey, look at what kinda president the majority chose in US… Majority vote for the Brits to shoot themselves in the leg in form of Brexit… democracy just doesn't work because the majority are idiots… LOL

  4. keyboards ss
    keyboards ss says:

    glad this clown left crypto ! he knew nothing about cryptos ! He just jumped in the hype wagon ! Now cryptos is in a bear market and things are hard ! He left ! Dont come back dude none cares about you ! Your crypto content is trash

  5. Wrong Think
    Wrong Think says:

    Doug….Doug…. when will you learn that most of our reality is a complete scam… You need to find a wife and have kids. Most of the world is possesed by demons who want you destroyed by constant prophaghanda and lies, through every possible channel of communication.


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