Ripple Founder may now be worth tens of billions of dollars, perhaps surpassing even Bill Gates. BitConnect gets hit with a cease and desist order from the Texas Securities and Exchange Commission. Promotors like CryptoNick and Trevon James continue to promote it. Merrill Lynch prohibits financial advisers and clients from getting involved in Bitcoin.

Read all about what happened this week in cryptocurrency:

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Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, and various altcoins.

I am not a financial advisor, and nothing in this video constitutes financial or legal advice. Please invest responsibly and do your research with due diligence.


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  1. Razors
    Razors says:

    I have 40 billion pieces of salt. But they are my salt. I will be selling a couple this year and more in the following years. I am the richest man in the universe

  2. Arthur Heidt
    Arthur Heidt says:

    ripple should be delisted as cryptocurrency these scammers constantly seek regulations because they know they cant print us dollar and bribe the regulators, they are the worst cryptocurrency in existance.

  3. C. G.
    C. G. says:

    Wow! Only 500 dollars to be shown even less then what I already know! I wonder if there is a "Big Discount " if clients are from Texas now lol.

  4. Marc Arnold
    Marc Arnold says:

    take the rich ppl $$$, Doug, your funny. There are other countries that spread the wealth, but not here in the USA. Dougs gotta to be a Bernie guy, Bitcoin will pay for free college!

  5. Chris Patron
    Chris Patron says:

    I am so saddened by the greed of bitconnect and it’s promoters who knew better. I have seen so many videos come out recently of the many people who lost everything. Thank you Doug Polk for protecting your viewers!After watching your videos i decided that the bitconnect propaganda that was constantly played on YouTube was not for me. I only wish your message had reached more.

  6. Akanaro O.O
    Akanaro O.O says:

    Uhm, Doug? Actually the US Dollar IS backed by gold. As are all the currencies in the world. Sure, they might be lying about just how much gold they have in reserve but yeah, the whole modern banking system is based on the fact that the piece of paper in your wallet represents a portion of the gold held by the federal reserve.

  7. juanancriadillas
    juanancriadillas says:

    The value of BitCoin is not about beliefs and shit, is about what people can do with it. If people canbe stuff because of a serious payment platform, that's something valuable, if people can keep some amount of money safe far from the bankers and governments that's other valuable thing, if people can trade those Bitcoins (which are mainly a token made by code) there is some value there. There is nothing about believe and shit, and I respect you Doug A LOT, but governments eventually will shut down whatever kind of valuable thing that they can't control, by banning it or just taking control of it in order to tax it. If people can have access to it, keep it and trade it or sell it and it gives to the people the power to avoid some taxes, move their money through different jurisdictions or countries and make clean transactions, it will always have soil value that will maintain certain kind of community/users that will spport the market prize above 0$.

  8. jos h
    jos h says:

    I hate to be "hey Doug what do you think of ….x" guy, but hey Doug what do you think of faucet Bitcoin faucet sites? It seems like the old too good to be true but there's not many people putting truth out there at the moment so it's hard to say, if you can make a video on that my man I would appreciate you👍👊

  9. YoyoCuber
    YoyoCuber says:

    Ahh, exploring into the old capitalism vs socialism arguement (mod version of that)

    Capitalism allows incentive, period, thats what allows certain industries to boom

    However there should be certain socialistic principles which allows a somewhat equal distribution of wealth. But for anything to happen we need a good gov aka a good president aka any other president than the one we have

  10. Fredy Rodriguez
    Fredy Rodriguez says:

    I believe that anyone can own as much money as they want we should all live a fair life of equal opportunity but some just don’t use their opportunities wisely most want money given to them in the hand.

    DANIELDOH says:

    Oh please with the 'technology talk' you all just want quick gains, if you knew for a fact that Bitcoin would only appreciate 50% each year would you still buy it because you "believe in blockchain?"

  12. Blake R
    Blake R says:

    To attempt to answer the question at the end of the video, I would say the amount should never be capped but at what point does your net worth begin to shed light on your character? Why on earth one person would ever need to have 100b or even 1b and hold it without trying to make the world a better place in some fashion is beyond me. I'm not saying to give it away as that wouldn't add much value overall or even for the typical recipient who would just be another consumer but try and use it for useful causes and start ups.

    Use your free time and resources to find real problems, problems that the answer may solve other problems or make solving them easier or unnecessary. All that capital allows you to do so from an unbiased standpoint. If you're using that money to solve problems without a stake in current industries you really stand to make a difference because you aren't worrying about the transition from the old to the new. Some examples being energy production or gas to electric vehicles.

    Perhaps you want to elevate third world countries to be more self sufficient (elevate themselves) through some type of education company or service that teaches finance and infrastructure as well as useful trades and health standards in strategic areas so that it spreads and builds upon its self. Maybe try and find ways of understanding then unifying the world on universal and agreed upon principles to have less division.

    Knowledge, understanding, and perspective are the only true forms of power and wealth is just a tool we use to navigate a modern society. Teach enough people how to free themselves from the constraints of "the rat race" (the financial aspect of the equation) and whatever social media or entertainment they're glued to (the distraction aspect that mindlessly wastes a life) and you begin to populate the earth with more and more self aware people who have the time and knowledge to solve real problems and properly raise the next generation.

    I kind of went a little far field there and there are a lot of gaps in some of these general ideas/ideals but I'm not writing a book here, just half of one apparently. lol


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