Many things add up to make SiGMA a significant conference, but an important aspect has to be who you meet, and how they could be your greatest partner going forward. Attending the conference this year in force to promote blockchain technology was nChain, and Osmin Callis joined our Becky Liggero Fontana to lay out why Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the best choice to advance the gambling industry into that space.

nChain spends most of its time working to develop the BSV blockchain, but they are also important advocates for its adoption in the enterprise world. “This is something that we’re talking to a lot of people about and a lot of people are coming to ask us about,” said Callis. “People are very, very curious, so this is what we say: That the combination of blockchain and iGaming feels to us very natural. If you cast your mind back to the 90s, prior to the advent of online gaming, what the internet did for gambling and gaming at the time, for us, it feels very clear that blockchain is very likely to bring about the same sort of evolution and take it to the next level. That’s why we’re here and this is the message that we’re sharing with people.”

One of the common misunderstandings around Bitcoin and blockchain technology is that it’s solely about payments. As Callis noted, it can do so many other things too. “We can do compliance on the blockchain, we can do pre-verification, intersections with Artificial Intelligence through the ability to build up large data sets which are structured in a way that Artificial Intelligence and games that are trying to take themselves to the next level, can reach,” she noted.

She also took a moment to tip her hat to an important innovator in the BSV space, a gaming company that knows what the industry needs. “The other thing for us that’s really exciting is the work some associates of ours have been involved with, which is, using the blockchain to blur the line between physical and online gaming,” she teased. “So I don’t know if you’ve heard of a company called BitBoss, they’ve developed a Bridge protocol that allows you to use cryptocurrency to play physical slots using their techniques. This was built on the blockchain using Bitcoin SV, and we’re only too happy to talk to everyone about it.”

Unfortunately, many lesser blockchain projects have crowded the space, offering substandard solutions to what operators need. For Callis, only BSV offers everything. “The Bitcoin SV blockchain, there are four pillars that underpin, if you like, in terms of the value proposition,” she started. “So there’s our stability, security, scalability, and safe, instant transactions. Alongside that, what this allows the blockchain to offer is a global, interoperable layer, because it’s open. It’s an open blockchain, open source, so it’s interoperable. Because payments are possible, it means that you can automate using smart contract technology, payment and other sort of permissions related services. So you have smart contracts, you have payments, you have automation, and you have that global interoperability. So other blockchains tend to offer a subset of those features, but none of them are for all, and anything that does make an attempt to offer … misses out on scalability.”


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