Bill Gates makes a highly controversial comment about crypto at his Reddit AMA. Fundstrat co-founder Tom Lee predicts that Bitcoin will reach $25,000 by end of year. Waltcoin giveaway scandal results in a loss of $100 million market capitalization overnight. Car manufacturer Porsche announces an interest in blockchain applications.

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50 replies
  1. Ana García
    Ana García says:

    It's not even the drugs, in general the competitive advantage for dealers on the internet is selling high quality drugs to maintain a reputation on whatever ebay like sites they use. So it's really just people killing people, like always with a little extra help from prohibition 😛

  2. Joe Mel
    Joe Mel says:

    Bill Gates facial skin looks so burnt, he should have moved up the North Eastern States or even Eastern Canada where its safer for Fame people and millionaires to walk the streets. Stupid dude, but i love Microsoft

  3. DangusPrime Gaming
    DangusPrime Gaming says:

    it's so funny how all these big money people are crying bloody murder CRYPTOCURRENCY IS DEAD BLAH BLAH BLAH, yeah? Well, why not just let it die then….? lmao (obvious sign they are scared $hitless)

  4. Brian B
    Brian B says:

    What if the guy who overdosed used the Edge browser on Windows 10 to access Coinbase to buy the Bitcoin to that bought the drugs that killed him?? Maybe we can argue that Microsoft is killing people indirectly 🤔

  5. Denis Gabura
    Denis Gabura says:

    Digital lands? I’m in whatever it takes. Already invested a bit, just because of the very idea. What if it smashes! Will be back for more when the sale is on to get WL extras – link more info

  6. Sulaimon Raji
    Sulaimon Raji says:

    doug, I hope you see this comment. Just want to hear your opinion on Gilgamesh, bought a lot of tokens during their ICO sale.I believe in their vision of integrating blockchain into the social media realm but I am not 100% sure how people would accept it. Want to know if I should buy more now, or wait till it has been released on an exchange to see how it moves?

  7. Prometheus
    Prometheus says:

    Bill Gates is old and he's outdated. The major problem with the adoption of new tech has always been the same, the oldies vs the adapters… Just because he's a rich guy doesn't mean he's right. Sooner or later google will develop an operating system for desktops and windows will be just like what 'Nokia' is today.

  8. Boomafoo
    Boomafoo says:

    I can bet the majority of fentanyl sold is done so offline, and also often without the buyer knowing that the product they are buying contains fentanyl. The option to buy drugs online arguably makes purchasing them safer, both for the buyer and the seller – the review systems in place on these dark web marketplaces ensures that a vendors products are of high quality and show that other buyers have tested them.


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