George Soros invests a mind-blowing sum in Overstock and their blockchain venture. China looks to scale back cryptocurrency mining operations within their borders. Chase shuts down a personal bank account for associating with CoinBase. Bitcoin is now one of the most widely circulated currencies in the world.

Read all about what happened this week in cryptocurrency:

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  1. Chris Nenshati
    Chris Nenshati says:

    Everyone is investing in blockchain because its so effective. People should research in blockchain games it has alot of potential. Crypto Celebrities is a new game that lets people buy their favorite celeb contracts. It run through an Ethereum Blockchain, the best part is you are guranteed a profit once your contract sells. There exist only one contract in world per celebrity so there is inherit scarcity and value there. Everyone should take a look at Crypto Celebrities.

  2. Brandon Crider
    Brandon Crider says:

    the banks closing your account is extremely common. it took me ages to find a bank that allows it and doesn't close your account without warning. Wells Fargo allows it of all places

  3. Lost In Time
    Lost In Time says:

    You think the bank account thing will hurt BTC??? Personally, if my bank account was closed for buying BTC, I'd be 100% done with banks, and start using crypto alot more..

  4. Janis Ristamecs
    Janis Ristamecs says:

    I cannot address more that the current system deceive people to do that, like it been in 1929. For now it’s good, but wait… if the big boys take the money out value goes down so the trust and every bitcoin will be worth 1$ what it used to be. Just saying it’s good idea but the current system does not allow it to be something else like fiat.
    The price so unstable that iff next market bubble burst, kiss goodbye to big value of bitcoin …
    all this mining, what a heck, it just eats the money off that people are putting there… like stealing… rigth?


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