It’s the wild west out here in the cryptocurrency game. A lot of snake oil salesmen will try to convince you that they’re experts and that you should listen to them. But never have I seen a crypto YouTube as absurd as JR Business (aka JR Garage). He and his friends have some very interesting opinions on Ripple (XRP), Verge (XVG), Tron (TRX) and Cardano (ADA). Be careful handling these hot tips though, you might burn your fingers!

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Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.

I am not a financial advisor, and nothing in this video constitutes financial or legal advice. Please invest responsibly and do your research with due diligence.


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  1. Forgi Games
    Forgi Games says:

    Hi everyone! Someone holds SPC coins? Today came across a new exchange called Biteeu and they do the giveaway of these tokens. Does anyone know about this exchange? Cooperate with Bittrex and SpaceChain

  2. Frank Ichel
    Frank Ichel says:

    Doug thanks for the hot stonk tips I just got some google and doubled down on FB bc it’s like a fifth of the price of Google, and they are like the next google. So basically we can’t lose.

  3. John Lyons
    John Lyons says:

    at the start of the video Doug is reviewing, the three 'experts' are walking by two 'fancy' cars. A mid '70's Corvette and an early '80s Porsche 944. About $12K in cars total. LOL

  4. Major REX
    Major REX says:

    If people buy based on these kids BS they truly deserve to get rekt. I doubt they know anything about the fundementals and the tech or anything. Eh why am i bothering even ….people never learn.


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