Crypto Nick, Trevon James, Craig Grant, and Ryan Hildreth made a name for themselves promoting the ponzi scheme Bitconnect on YouTube. But now that the scam is out of the bag, and multiple lawsuits are being filed, what ever became of this crew? Will they continue ripping off their audience, or fade into obscurity? Let’s catch up!

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Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.


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  1. Manon Lescaut
    Manon Lescaut says:

    I have a max. of 2-3 crypto-channels I follow and not more. I watch your channel for the first time and in the end your editing convinced me. Now it's 3-4! Well done and subscribed.

  2. lucysluckyday
    lucysluckyday says:

    When you have someone that has dreadlocks claiming they will be unfairly treated in court because of skin color, then you know they are not intelligent, if they are making claims like that. If you are going to go for the gang member look then you will be judged with similar credibility. It's just common sense, and nothing to do with color.

  3. Christopher Nenshati
    Christopher Nenshati says:

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  4. Edward Sanchez
    Edward Sanchez says:

    I saw a scam company like this pop up when I was in the Army probably around 2011. It was all about recruiting people and each person recruited had to pay $100. I told them it was a ponzi/pyramid scheme. Most never even heard the term ponzi and laughed me off. The people who where involved where all the dumb asses always trying to get out of work and up to no good and not very bright. All of a sudden you have guys that can't keep up with their finances talking big numbers and becoming salesmen/mathematicians. Eventually there was some sort of collapse and the Army started cracking down on that stupidity and banning it.
    I saw something else pop up called MCA around 2015 with guys doing the same thing with big houses and fancy cars but some of the people had the same exact pictures on their profiles smh. They try to appeal to the get rich flaunt what little they have step on the next guy for a little cash sell my soul for fame and fortune community.

  5. Zyklon B.
    Zyklon B. says:

    che coglione che sei doug…ho scoperto ora che oltre al poker fai pure le crypto…al canale di poker mi ero dis-iscritto, a questo mi iscrivo! 😉 so che ti sbatterai a tradurre il commento nonostante io sia nessuno e tu abbia mille impegni, perché ti conosco Doug , sei un curioso egocentrico, maniaco-ossessivo, narcisista…..non mi sbaglio Doug, ti conosco troppo bene e ti farei il culo al tavolo verde….

  6. Marcos Caleb Schroeckenthaler
    Marcos Caleb Schroeckenthaler says:

    I don't think it's nice of you to bash these guys. We all make mistakes. I lost $17,000 in Bitconnect to the influence of these guys. And do I blame them? Nope, not one bit. They are liable to make mistakes as well, and there was no real good reason for them to see Bitconnect as a scam. All successful millionaires give the benefits of the doubt to different opportunities, and give it a try. They fall, they warn others they could fall too, and they get back up and move forward. We are all responsible if we CHOOSE to give these guys the benefit of the doubt, and try what they are trying. Even if they may be 100% wrong. We make mistakes, learn from the past, and get up and go. There is nothing inherently evil about any of these men you listed.

    Trevon James is a good guy. Look. He's picked himself up, apologized, and moved on. Now his videos are accommodated from his past experience, giving much more solid information and content.

  7. Controller
    Controller says:

    I’m just going to say random shit ok? I’m going back home now sorry but it’s not going bad I’m sorry to call me back I will be home I love this place and it will take care if I get there or you if you can get a good call or I will get you back and then go to the gym and get to work and get back with you I know I don’t want to go home and I will get you a lot more I I love

    MLG TURTLE says:

    This is a perfect scam. A scam you dream of pulling one day. Just dream about living somewhere far a way with some retards money. Did people actually think bitconnect was legit. You have to be retarded to put your money in bitconnect

  9. The Great Anthony Show
    The Great Anthony Show says:



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