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  1. Holistic APRN
    Holistic APRN says:

    Hey Suppo. Heed my warning on buying a Tesla. You will literally expose yourself to so much radiation (EMF) that over time it will effect your health. These high frequencies will literally BBQ you. Especially when coupled with the 5g network of the future.

  2. Benjamin Oguaju
    Benjamin Oguaju says:

    This is the problem, why hiding ico when you know lots of people can get into the ico at this point, but when the KYC/AML is over then you will say it and your followers will FOMO it to buy the crumb and you will get more Xs and more rich while we who are the listeners will just get the crumb. Thats not cool and this happenes to most of you youtubers

  3. Firm Foundation
    Firm Foundation says:

    Heres a bit of excitement, the euro is killing the EU, Deutsche bank is on the brink of bankruptcy and Italian markets are tanking. Check out datadash news on other markets because a lot of them will be moving over to bitcoin

  4. jojo philips
    jojo philips says:

    totally agree and would have said exactly the same thing….let's all hold hands and skip through this boring phase and come back when the projects are cranking and new world order
    kicks in…. see you in 6 months XXX

  5. Ape Palliata
    Ape Palliata says:

    I recall you saying you never cashed out any of your cryptos to fiat money. If so, you make your living in fiat money selling hopes of a future to come. Let's hope it's coming. I'm waiting for that Ethos universal wallet, been waiting so long.

  6. germans1
    germans1 says:

    For those who missed ico on Neurochain if you vote for them to be listed there will be an air drop if you vote for them and they get in top 3 and get listed. Nothing to lose as well as tokens you buy to vote HT tokens get refunded after vote is over. The vote is on Hadax starts tomorrow for 3 days. You have nothing to lose by voting and free Neurochain tokens to gain.

  7. Kelly Ware
    Kelly Ware says:

    If investing in EOS is illegal for gringos, why should we buy before the mainnet even if we could do KYC on Binance???? Is Friday REALLY the EOS main net launch? Will it bull and drop like many ICOs?? I think you are so awesome, never let the trolls get you down. you are the bomb.

  8. Kelly Ware
    Kelly Ware says:

    Crowd machine is doing Apps without any coding, you as as app creator, what do you think? I like these people and their mission. Can you investigate Crowd machine for us??? I could do an app for Permaculture!!! invest in trees!!!!! and ecosystem species and techniques.


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