The crypto markets are back, or at least they are for now. Let’s talk about how 2019 has performed, especially in comparison to 2018, and why the trend in the crypto markets is actually your friend. 

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  1. Broadhurst Gardens
    Broadhurst Gardens says:

    From a purely personal point of view I am hoping for a correction to around 4.5k as I took some money off the table at 5.5k and would like to re-accumulate some but If It does not and wants to keep going up then that's great as well..let's see what happens

  2. RCFantom
    RCFantom says:

    There will be a pull back with BTC, but I don't believe it is gonna be anything like we've seen in 2018, LTC is currently pulling back but only to gain enough momentum to push through the 100 resistance…. BTC is just fueling up to go higher and the pullback will be minimal…..

  3. Tvwhore
    Tvwhore says:

    I would LOVE to see Alt coins follow bitcoin right now, because Bitcoin is going UP, and Alts are going DOWN like a motherfucker. April has got me totally rekt.
    Otherwise, I keep telling myself that Bitcoin is going to see the correction that Alts are experiencing right now in the coming weeks, because when looking back, Bitcoin has actually been following Alts over the last few months, with many, as you said, hitting new ATH or making x3 or x4 gains, but are now seeing retracement. So, even though there's been a strong market reversal, I still think Bitcoin will draw back, but I don't think it will make new lows.

  4. Matthew Ward
    Matthew Ward says:

    I think the market continues to slowly recover in 2019 and the halving in 2020 (combined with new infrastructure) catalyzes a run that brings bitcoin to an all time high in 2020 or maybe 2021.

  5. vettonator
    vettonator says:

    I'm feeling pretty stupid now. Back on the 10th when we took a dip down to about 5k I thought we were going all the way down to where we were before it pumped on April 1st so I sold off a bunch of Bitcoin thinking I'd just buy back in at the bottom but now I'm regretting that decision and I'm reluctant to buy back in now. To add insult to injury I tried to set up a limit buy order that was several hundred dollars below current market in hopes that it might dip down just long enough to go through when I wasn't paying attention which seems to happen all the time. Well my stupid fat fingers accidentally hit the wrong button and before I could even figure out what happened I had actually already SOLD at nearly $500 BELOW market! Dammit! Take it from me, don't do this s*** on your phones guys or you just might end up doing some stupid s*** like I did.


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