My first monthly update (March 24 – April 24).
I made more than $2,500 profit this month. If I keep going at 69%/month, I’d have over $2,000,000 in 1 year! HAHAHA

Something to dream about, right??

Remember guys, don’t forget to get on the cryptotrain!



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  1. kenviro2010
    kenviro2010 says:

    Compared to most other Youtube videos that I listen to, the volume of your Youtube videos is a lot lower than average. If you can increase your Youtube video recording volume by about 50%, that would be good. Maybe getting a new microphone would help.

  2. J K
    J K says:

    What do you think of Bata now? I didt buy for 5000.- but will it still be profitable? You think it has the potential to go to 2, 10 or more dollar? Thankx for you information btw

  3. JP M
    JP M says:

    Haal je dan de winsten eruit in euro en doe je dan verder met je inleg…hoe krijg je anders een passief inkomen? Geraak er een beetje van in de war, want je winst afhalen is verder doen met minder en zo bouw je niet echt op of ben ik mis? 😀

  4. Bernardo da Silva
    Bernardo da Silva says:

    hey man! I've just been binge watching all your videos. some really good work for the community. Can you shed some light on wallets? Where do you store all your currencies? I have mine on exchanges and wanted to pull them off and store them. Please advise best ways to store Belacoin, ripple and Nem. Also, what is your take on Bytecoin? it's just been roll the last couple of weeks.

  5. Josie crotwell
    Josie crotwell says:

    Hi – I just discovered you and became a subscriber today. I have done very well in eth and btc over the last few months. recently I have bought into ripple between about .25 cents and now at .34, so a little bit late…. I am tempted to buy more, and dollar cost average in to ripple. Do you feel that it is extremely overvalued at this point? or as the only centralized crypto currency do you believe we are still in the early stages and there will be much more growth to come? Also are you still sticking to the 5 currencies: btc, eth, xem, bela and xrp? or do you have any other fresh ideas? thank you so much for your insight.. I'm like your friend – I'm great with the stock market but a little unsure with crypto. take care and peace to you. Ted Crotwell

  6. Prasad PUNE India
    Prasad PUNE India says:

    hey man! I really like your strategy and planning, your study in Cryptocurrency is too good.Can please you please make a what's app group for your followers for the buy and sell tips I would love to be in that group and I hope many others wants too.

    thank you and keep it up.

  7. Zombie Killa
    Zombie Killa says:

    no u will not become multi millionaire, i invested 40k , it will triple till end of year if i am very very lucky. If it doubles i will be very thankful anyway ….. KARMA ALWAYS FUCKS YOU

  8. Mike Davies
    Mike Davies says:

    A very well balanced review! You've somehow managed to introduce the sound reality of investment strategies into this wild west land grab. One gets a sense of panic from most vids/forums from those that missed out on investing in crypto when bitcoin was just another weird tech. I am a DAO survivor and the one lesson I learnt, is to keep an open mind and listen to those that might not say what you want to hear, but also back it up from a personal/common sense and/or technical stance. So, keep them coming and let's see where this goes.
    For those that naysay a cautious approach to the crypto realm – do yourself a favor and keep an eye on some of the academics out there as well – – warned us about the DAO – and now you've just joined him on list of people I'm using to promote and educate people that I know … Thanks Dude!

  9. Dan Green
    Dan Green says:

    Love the videos mate – I guess in hindsight Litecoin would of been good for your monthly portfolio. I pretty much made my money on Ripple and Nem this month its been such a good month for crypto's. I too am worried these sorts of gains are unsustainable. What do you think will be this months top pick?

  10. imagineihadarealweapon
    imagineihadarealweapon says:

    very nice, but i would spread more, i made 4btc investing 150$ in insanecoin, every month search for 1 hidden gem and invest a small sum like 150$ it wont hurt your overall balance 2 much and if its a riser you make up to 4000%

  11. Xadreque Junior
    Xadreque Junior says:

    I just came across your channel and I am proud to be a subscriber. I am not a professional but I would like to share some ideas with you.
    I started investing in cryptocurrencies in January and thus far I have made strong returns on my initial investments (I do not feel comfortable disclosing this).

    From what I see that you have done is that you have diversified your portfolio very well and your patience has rewarded you well. I think your method is superior to mine as you are well protected against the devaluationof a coin.
    However, what I have learnt from my own experience with trading $1500 is that (when you are impatient like me) is that you have to incur greater risk in order to yield returns has high as yours in an even shorter time period. I have done this by using all my risk capital (my mere $1500) when making a single trade and I usually research extensively and look at the realistic potential for growth for a coin. For example I tend to look at coins that have a circulating supply of less than 100M, less than 500k volume and low prices and if it is not on a major exchange yet and it is new then that is a plus ( my recent trade was with POSW which I am still holding as they are trying to get listed on Bittrex and/or Poloniex).

    I personally believe that this is one way to maximize the potential of cryptocurrency trading as it is such a new space and very volotile. Bear in mind that I have lost some money but what I did lose was the potential gains I had already received so I simply did not maximize my profits because I am not good at recognizing when it is time to exit as I still get a bit emotional.

    This is simply my 2 cents and any criticism will be much appreciated as I can learn from it.


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