In todays video, we will talk about how you can get into altcoins and make some gains even if you are dead broke. The best part is there is no money involved with the solutions.

Leave us a comment below and let us know if you are implementing any of these solutions.

Video on Lit App:


ETN Easy Miner:

Shield (XSH) Miner:

RDD Chrome Extension:

Coinality – Get Paid in Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Friendly Cities:

Bill Pay For Coins:

Video on Staking:–qjos

Video on Masternodes:


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  1. Susan Chagalian
    Susan Chagalian says:

    Awesome video! Thank you for the great info. I'm working on getting the Amazon cloud service so I can put these wallets there because if for whatever reason I turn my laptop off the wallets stop.

  2. Silver Bear
    Silver Bear says:

    I'm not changing my opinion on the video, it's still good information, but as a caveat: ETN Easy Miner for desktop is NOT for beginners. There is a host of unresolved issues and very little support.

    And The mobile mining will only give you about $30 in a year's time and that is the cut off. They only allotted so much funding for the mobile mining.

  3. king1969
    king1969 says:

    i have electroneum miner on a spare mobile that runs 24/7 just connect it to your wifi and start mining i have aproximatly 400 electroneum at this time so that is great free crypto

  4. Gary nilknarF
    Gary nilknarF says:

    Your videos are my favorite out of all AB….. I'm setting up my 3rd mn today (2 PURE and 1 QBIC) I'll also be setting up a SEND mn, right now with prices sooo cheap, it's a excellent time to invest in mn, because as we know these prices won't stay this low.once the market cap goes up so will our ROI….
    Aloha brother 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  5. theoneandonlyworldruler
    theoneandonlyworldruler says:

    you need discord and then join coins that have discord staking and tipping/raining bot. ignition coin rain very much.
    Ic,dstra,okcash i now they have the staking bot on discord and give free coins away every day for all that are online

  6. Paul Hood
    Paul Hood says:

    Dead broke, but still have a smartphone. I think AltCoin Buzz is once step above offering payday loans. I only subscribe to this shit so i can get calibration on my bullshit meter. You and Fox news perform a valuable service.


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