As the cryptocurrency market remains well off its early January highs, many altcoins have been slaughtered by many multiples. Because these altcoins gain value at a high pace they also retrace as a fast pace. Let us know in the comments, what your strategy is moving forward.


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  1. Martin M
    Martin M says:

    Nice video. Equal token $EQL is another gem. This token missed the December & January pump as it is extremely new. With it’s tiny market cap and stable price I would consider this is a sleeping giant ready to explode!
    (As always DYOR)

  2. Brian Jones
    Brian Jones says:

    I have fallen on tough times, Could someone please help by sending me some Cryptos If you don't want them, or are feeling particularly generous? I will "pay it forward" whenever I can. <3


  3. Privee
    Privee says:

    There are many good projects with low mcap and high potential. One of them is definitely SunContract (SNC) – p2p energy trading platform – it will change the future of energy markets. Anyway, do your own research before investing…

  4. Toop23
    Toop23 says:

    lol i saw that double take on Coss. how are you going to shill Low caps and not include Coss. Coss is introducing fiat deposits and trading fiat pairs in 2 weeks( mid march) They are also ready to launch the new engine that will enable them to handle any voloume that comes their way. Coss token holders receive a weekly pay out from 50% of the exchanges profit in the form of every token and coin on exchange. You can instantly and free of charge convert them to ETH. That's in the smart contract and will never be changed unlike some exchanges that dropped profit sharing all together. Mk cap at 46 mil it is drastically undervalue but not for long . Want to know how much your weekly, monthly, yearly profit will be from holding a bag of gold,,, i mean Coss… cheers guys and Gals in the altcoin buzz nation.

  5. kiefer pelletier
    kiefer pelletier says:

    you should do a video on ENIGMA the team is full of MIT graduates and there idea is awesome! market cap only at 192,000. SO MUCH ROOM TO GROW and a low circulating supply of 74 million….I'LL SEE YOU ON THE MOON alt coin buzz army!

  6. DaBronx
    DaBronx says:

    What I don't understand is why would these coins retest their all time highs? Is there anything that would excite anyone about their projects? Do they have an alpha, beta, production product? Or are we counting just on hype of their coins? Is there a reason to use these vs LTC?

  7. sylance777
    sylance777 says:

    Agreed it's a great time to start scanning for low cap coins that've been slaughtered over the last few weeks. Some have faired better than others but definitely launching in January is unfortunate for BitDegree. I'm going to check them out and maybe send some coin to Cobinhood.

    You should also check out DeepOnion; a privacy focused coin that leverages the TOR network. It's a lowcap coin at only $35M, and has moved from a high of almost $19 to now just over $3. A new wallet just launched which allows DeepOnion to function even behind state firewalls such as China so it has a huge opportunity. Might be a good place to park some coin while the market figures itself out and then get great returns when alts comes back.

  8. c l
    c l says:

    BLUE found a critical flaw in the Jaxx wallet, found the central locking sketchy feature in TRON, and were the ones to discover the Etherdelta Hack. 

    and if BLUE’s tech was around at that time, they could’ve blacklisted the scammer’s address so not nearly as many people would have been screwed.

    The team worked for apple, visa, shopify. They're capable AF. and the tech is going to be useful to EVERY SINGLE PERSON in crypto.

  9. c l
    c l says:

    Quantstamp has published that their static analysis basically focuses on bugs. So they are more looking at helping ICO creators. We are in a completely different business, which is to use our automated tools to identify scammers, find bugs in smart contracts that could lead to loss of funds, and provide a beautiful user interface to make it all smooth as butter. Quantstamp could not be more different from BLUE.

  10. David Grant
    David Grant says:

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  11. Not Sure
    Not Sure says:

    I have been in on snovio since before the pump. Keep expecting acb to pick up on it. Seeing snov in the comments all over the place now tho so it's only a matter of time till it grows


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