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  1. Certified Nursing Assistants Nationwide
    Certified Nursing Assistants Nationwide says:

    I luv crypto and wish more people were involved, but to be brutally honest getting involved with Crypto is not really that easy and it has a very, very steep learning curve. The curve is a lot less steep if you have a background in trading(penny stocks, stocks, future, etc.), computer savvy, understand social platforms(facebook, twitter, discord, telegram,reddit,etc.), exchanges, Technical analysis, ICOs, etc. I have a background in these areas and the learning curve wasn't as steep, but it still was tedious to learn how to use new social platforms on the fly, joining several different exchanges that all were different, learning the technology, etc. I believe the person that can somehow come on the scene and lessen the learning curve and show value to the people, will do really well and also cause mass adoption.

  2. Arabella
    Arabella says:

    You perhaps better to use other exchange to show people. I transferred money to coinbase bank account in order to verify my bank detail but they have not verified my bank account until now. I transferred 10 pounds to Coinbase bank account in April 2017. I don't believe that I am alone in this case. I would take Coinbase to court if I do not have a young baby to care for. I despise Coinbase, they are shameless.

  3. Jeroen Gerritsen
    Jeroen Gerritsen says:

    Hi Suppo,
    Could you kindly have a look into those 2 big and operating companies?
    – Suncontract: they signed a partnership with Microsoft last week and are going to expand energy trading around the world those months. All potential to get into top50 is there, and now sitting at CMC 342.
    – Internet node token: their tech is very very promising and have their mainnet launch soon, but they are quite unknown. But you already know that 😉
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good video's!


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