What are you going to do about the unusual 2.2 billion volume today on STORM? Great example today of how to look at this price and volume action for any crypto investment decision. Anything can happen and this moment in the stormtoken is unique!

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32 replies
  1. Eliyahu Bn YHWH
    Eliyahu Bn YHWH says:

    Good job on this coin, well done and easy to follow with great data points, information and links. A new update I found other than being listed on #Binance is that #Uber is now accepting #STORM. I believe this project fills a great need and has a great return on investment of outsource tasks at scale.

  2. Diego Douglas
    Diego Douglas says:

    I now truly believe that one can really profit from crypto currency investment, especially from bitcoin, the reason is simply because after coming across a post about Diego Douglas Bitcoin program which i reluctantly gave a try with my little 2btc, after four days i was having 4btc, i was shocked at first, then i sold a little amount and reinvested more, and as of now which is about three weeks later on, i am sitting on 16.7btc. guys i do not want to be the only one benefitting from this program, thats why i have decided to share with you guys to testify that profitting from bitcoin is real, as a matter of fact here is the email contact of Diego Douglas, douglasdiego042@gmail.com with this email you can get in touch with him directly for his btcoin program in which you can invest your little bitcoin and get double or tripple the amount of bitcoin you invested, depending on your investment and patience.

  3. Tim Adams
    Tim Adams says:

    Bought and sold several times this month averaging out 5 percent gains. Unfortunately only had 5 bucks of bitcoin to invest in it yesterday when I seen it was going to shoot up. Lol. Just my luck.

  4. KEITH
    KEITH says:

    Has anyone heard about CarVertical? Just like Xrp is for the banks, CarVertical is for cars and BMW recently signed with them. This may be huge in the future.

  5. Doug 4 Now
    Doug 4 Now says:

    Hi, Matt. Thank you for the time you put into the video for our benefit.

    I agree strongly with following volume. But, I have always been confused about most peoples lack of concern for whether it is buy or sell volume. A coin could spike from flat to massive volume, but it would be really bad news if everyone was selling. Why is this rarely mentioned?

  6. John Crypto
    John Crypto says:

    I am looking forward to the Oyster airdrop of free SHL tokens for every Oyster you own at the beginning of April. Really great team.

    Personally I wouldn't buy Storm at the moment because it is so high but I don't know enough about that coin to say if it is a good investment or not.

  7. Ninja Stacking
    Ninja Stacking says:

    It's way to high to buy right now but I do use the app. It's actually been out before the electroneum mobile miner which I have as well. The storm app is basically a faucet where you watch ads for storm. I would wait for a dip to get in, however I'm not sure what makes this coin unique


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