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29 replies
  1. fohat
    fohat says:

    Suppo , I tweeted you however perhaps this is better . Just curious but where are you buying most of your coins. In other words what are the best exchanges to deal with example binance, bitfinex; Krakin. Which exchange offers the most coins to purchase including the ones that I have learned from you. Please help if you can for a newbie.

  2. Salvador Delgado
    Salvador Delgado says:

    What do you think of NLC2, they have accomplished so much in fantasy sports, they've come out with their platform with different sport's and the coin has been holding it's value pretty nicely at 0.05-0.07. It's very cheap compared to it's potential value and under the radar, imo. What do you think?

  3. Aleksandar
    Aleksandar says:

    if someone is interestet i found a really good Trader he is making a one Bitcoin challenge starting with only 0,02 btc and is already at 0,15 his Name is watch_me_trade on twitch

  4. happy flappy
    happy flappy says:

    Hey Suppo πŸ™‚ It would be great if you take a look at Proxeus (XES). It's a Swiss-token, crypto daily covered it a day ago. They've had a silent ICO without marketing, sold out in two days.
    As I know, you love good tech, and Proxeus is just amazing. Its half the ICO price at the moment. Take a look! I think this project has a huge potential. Greetings from Switzerland!

  5. Brian Pendez
    Brian Pendez says:

    A lot of people have been saying just HODL ever since the first dip. In the long term, they could be right but remember that Bitcoin has gone through a few bubbles before and it could easily go back down to $1,500-$1,000 and stay there for a couple of years as it did before this massive bull run in 2017. Thankfully, I went against what most were saying online and sold everything when Bitcoin was falling through $17,000. I haven't bought back in yet and am just watching what happens with the price and fundamentals before doing so….I'm so glad I didn't HODL πŸ™‚


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