This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look at will cryptocurrency replace national currencies by 2030 and if so why? Australians can now purchase BTC, ETH across 1,200 newsstands in a win for adoption. Porsche ‘first’ to test blockchain technology for cars. Payment provider Fleetcor to pilot ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency. Liechtenstein’s bank Frick introduces ‘direct’ cryptocurrency investment and cold storage. We also look at updates from Electroneum, Lisk and Waltonchain.


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45 replies
  1. Liftedview
    Liftedview says:

    Altcoin Buzz, Altcoin Buzz Ladies, Altcoin Buzz Podcasts you guys are the best!! I call it the "no-shill zone" / 'no-spin-zone'. Hard to find nowadays. BUT where and when can I buy some sweet Altcoin Buzz gear like a coffee mug or shirt??? 200K subscribers guys we want to support you and flaunt some sick altcoin swag !!

  2. Jeremiah Lim
    Jeremiah Lim says:

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  3. Scott McCoubrey
    Scott McCoubrey says:

    I feel like there aren’t enough videos explaining new like kind trading tax laws in the us to beginners in crypto. If you don’t want to end up in a lot of trouble you need to know that alt coins will be the hardest to report from start to finish due to the numerous transactions on multiple exchanges. Anything over 20k will send off red flags. This isn’t fud just informing.

  4. Jessa Junia
    Jessa Junia says:

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  5. Noriyuki Miura
    Noriyuki Miura says:

    This comment has nothing to do with the video but I hope someone knows what’s going on. Yesterday I saw news saying that Centrality went to public and gain 4000 times. This isn’t listed on Coin Market Cap. It’s only sold on SingularX that I have never heard of… Does anyone know what this is all about??

  6. Josh Robinson
    Josh Robinson says:

    The main problem with completely eliminating physical money is what if the Internet goes down or the grid collapses. Of course if that happens money won't be worth much for more than a few days but you will still have something to trade for goods until the panic truly sets in. Also government controlled crypto makes it much easier for the government to freeze your funds as there would be no physical cash.

  7. Schmuck Trading
    Schmuck Trading says:

    Check out MTL, if my new strategy works then this thing should pop off in the coming weeks. That's obviously if it works. I have no idea what it does, if you could do some fundamentals on it though that would be awesome. 🔥🔥

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