Blockchain: Will Better Data Security Change Chemical Education?


The safer chemical design game. Gamification of green chemistry and safer chemical design concepts for high school and undergraduate students

Mellor, Karolina E.; Coish, Philip; Brooks, Bryan W.; Gallagher, Evan P.; Mills, Margaret; Kavanagh, Terrance J.; Simcox, Nancy; Lasker, Grace A.; Botta, Dianne; Voutchkova-Kostal, Adelina; Kostal, Jakub; Mullins, Melissa L.; Nesmith, Suzanne M.; Corrales, Jone; Kristofco, Lauren; Saari, Gavin; Steele, W. Baylor; Melnikov, Fjodor; Zimmerman, Julie B.; Anastas, Paul T.

Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews

(Taylor & Francis Ltd.)

Green chem. can strongly attract students to chem. We, therefore, developed a green chem. educational game that motivates students at the undergraduate and advanced high school levels to consider green chem. and sustainability concerns as they design a hypothetical, chem. product. The game is intended for incorporation into any chem. course for majors and non-majors that teaches sustainability and/or the Principles of Green Chem. at the undergraduate level. The game is free of charge and encourages students to think like professional chem. designers and to develop a chem. product with respect to function and improved human and environmental health. This computer simulation has been assessed by educators and can be seamlessly integrated into an existing curriculum.

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