Buy Powerl Ledger Before Moon Shot in 2018?

A new peer to peer energy distribution platform has hit the market looking to allow solar power producers to share excess power back into the grid. Will you be investing?


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  1. Neftaly Felix
    Neftaly Felix says:

    SNC > POWR extremely undervalued and their platform release is Q1 2018 istead of late 2019 they are a head of development just under the radar because their marketing haven't start yet they will start marketing on Dec 2017

  2. Ace Stojevski
    Ace Stojevski says:

    Definitely agree, this is one of the unique visions and their team is superb. POWR will be moon mooning more than any other ICO this year. Great future ahead! Elon Musk apparently has their Whitepaper.


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