BITCOIN BULL TRAP? Technical Analysis on BTC

After the recent BTC rally, Mark gives an update to the BTC chart. Find out what he’s watching the charts for now!

Mark is an active crypto trader and enthusiast but is not a professional advisor. Please do your own research when making an investment decision and never invest more than you can lose.

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38 replies
  1. James Barrick
    James Barrick says:

    Ok so now BTC has blown through the 6800 level up to 7350… things are starting to look interesting. I remain fairly convinced this would be a good time for traders to sell. Time will tell…

  2. James Barrick
    James Barrick says:

    Keeping it pithy!! I like your style. Most of the videos have less information and take 19 minutes

    My gut tells me that BTC is going to trap some more money. Your analysis is on point. If BTC does clear 6800 there will be a good chunk of money that will push it a bit higher, but that would only be enough for a couple days. Then all of the holders that bought in the last 9 months becomes very nervous and sells at the first sign of weakness… I remain interested to buy when BTC is trading in the 4000 area which I think is coming within a few weeks

  3. Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz says:

    Pleeeeze let it be a bull trap! If I see a sideways motion for more than 30 hours or so, I'm finna tether half my position. My ideal scenario is the SEC has already chosen a "yes" and this is a fakeout to hammer the price for institutions to a yearly low of 4900 by August 25th. Then wham!- a 2 week moon to 8500

  4. Queen Boadicea
    Queen Boadicea says:

    Yes I think this is decent trading advice. Personally I have closed my short with reasonable profit from 7800.
    If you look at the weekly and monthly chart it gives you a much better picture. It shows we broke out of that large triangle pattern with a technical target of 1500 – yes, 1500.
    However, there is a chance it may go back and test the underside of that triangle first at around 7700 (which is also where the weekly 21ema is and the monthly 8ema).
    If it breaks 8k then my theory is likely invalidated unless it's a false break up. However, I am only looking for shorting opportunities as the monthly shows we are now in a bear market. I have shorted a number of times from 15k down and made profit every time. If it breaks 10k then I would start looking for long entries. As you say, right now it's best to be patient and see which way the wind blows in relation to the current price action. But I urge everyone to look at the monthly chart.
    Best wishes.

  5. Artem Danilko
    Artem Danilko says:

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  6. Otto Nomicus
    Otto Nomicus says:

    The way I look at it, anyone who would pay much more than the average mining cost is a sucker. Why would people be fighting to get btc? There's no big use for it and there seems to be an ample supply. People wanted it to trade against alts but now most alts have collapsed to less than 1 btc volume. Nobody would fight to get those either.

  7. Dimotov Malzer
    Dimotov Malzer says:

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  8. DJ Chahal
    DJ Chahal says:

    Mark, you are my favourite reviewer on AltcoinBuzz. I stopped watching Altcoin Buzz but ever since you arrived on the scene and being active, I have been actively watching your videos.


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