The Party is Over… 😞

The Party is Over 😞 #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #bearmarket

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. Everything expressed within is my personal opinion only.


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  1. emX
    emX says:

    good advice Michael ! Watch Richard Heart vs Tone Vays recent smack down video.. -very entertaining.. But Heart makes a GREAT point… Buy your BTC.. As much as you can afford.. then just bloody hold it.. Full stop. do not trade if you wish to not lose your $

  2. tony matassa
    tony matassa says:

    I hope you are wrong but I think you may be correct. Agree post halvening mad pump and run up to where we should be now. At least we still have more time to accumulate at the bottom and hold or gain interest in them for next 6 months.

  3. Richard France
    Richard France says:

    My prediction is that bitcoin/alts will go up again but only when everyone's given up. There are still people out there putting out YouTube videos spreading false hope. Whilst ever that's happening, bitcoin will do nothing. Once the rich are happy that nobody wants cryptocurrency anymore, they'll buy again and pump it to oblivion….. and so the cycle begins. This could be 2 years from now though.

    Basically, I think the controlling factors are checking the internet for cryptocurrency interest. If the YouTubers keep going…. crypto will not.

  4. LAX RP
    LAX RP says:

    Good luck with your new career, on ticktock. I personally don't know how anyone can make predictions for this market, as its not established as are the traditional markets. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. By, the way, you forgot to mention Bearable BS, he can predict gains to the exact date, and time… (Although, he's never been right) Haha

  5. NumaNuma Yay
    NumaNuma Yay says:

    Bitcorn needs to be hard forked into being nonconvertible into other coins / fiat. It needs to be end all be all blackhole for every every other type of money. This is the quickest path towards mass adoption and ends the entire trading kleptocracy fiasco permanently.

    When you buy it, the price goes up. When you buy goods and services with it, the price goes up. If people want to trade, let them do it with literally any other coin they want. Bitcoin needs to be untouchable, predictable, and proven to appreciate over time (which it has already done even in this horrific environment) in order for
    to the switch from fiat to BTC to finally happen.

  6. Crypto Chrissie
    Crypto Chrissie says:

    So grateful to see you and hear where you’re at right now!! Yes, I’ve been thinking the same way and I love how you shed light on the market, speak from you heart and don’t follow the crowd! Happy Thanksgiving from the US 🦃 ❤️

  7. Henry G
    Henry G says:

    I mean.. it’s their money.. everyone does what they want.. just as you do as you want..

    we all know the bs that goes on.. I trade to enjoy it.. if I make a lot great if I lose then whatever.. which may be the case for several people but still, we all do what we want..


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