BITCOIN PRICE DROPPING, BUY BTC? Ethereum ETH, Electroneum ETN, Cardano ADA, Vechain VET, and Safex

Don’t Sell Bitcoin Cheap BTC

#Bitcoin Could Survive Nuclear War: Nick Szabo

$3.8 Billion of Unaccounted #Ethereum Volume? DappRadar Has Us Covered

Charles #Hoskinson says #Cardano #Shelley testnet balance check was an overwhelming success

CEO and co-founder of #VeChain, Sunny Lu on #Crypto

Massively Successful: That is What #Electroneum Wants To Be #Richardells

Digital Inheritance Platform Safe Haven

Reminder that you have until NEXT Saturday (30th November) to migrate your #Safex to the new blockchain

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    Altcoin Buzz says:

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  2. Simply Human
    Simply Human says:

    Why the fvck would banks stop operating after the first bomb? BTC needs the internet more than banks. Do you really think ppl will be worrying about their money or BTC after a nuclear war?

  3. Heith Miller
    Heith Miller says:

    Your list is shit! (I say with LOVE)
    DASH, LTC, XLM, THATA, HBAR. This is a much better list. This video is silly. XLM is the Illuminati coin. XLM & HBAR has IBM working with it VET is not a bad pick. I would also throw in DGB for free. It's so cheep it's almost free. HAPPY TRADING😂😊 (remember ADA is dead)

  4. The Nerd Robert
    The Nerd Robert says:

    Guys let it drop we have to get rid from these scammers holding billions worth crypto… XAU/USD 10 year bullrun : 20 year bear market 1980 to 2000 similar can happen to crypto market. We all know there is no real support between 7k 3k its just traders taking profit before exit

  5. jwillj2k4
    jwillj2k4 says:

    The history of the ledger would survive, as with other crypto ledgers, but how would the average person interact with the ledger if all communication is down. Technically you can use radio frequencies but the average person would not thus declaring any and all cryptos “dead” from a practical standpoint.

  6. kandy Girl
    kandy Girl says:

    they say bitcoin will survive a nuclear war ? More like gold will definitely survive. how do you destroy a rock ? The only thing that can destroy gold is a Black hole come along and squash the Earth.

  7. Mynameis5107
    Mynameis5107 says:

    Almost every week without fail you talk about the super shitcoin ETN… Did you sign a two year sponsorship deal or something? I don’t understand why you talk about it anymore 🤷‍♂️


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