Litecoin Over Bitcoin in Buying Altcoins on Cryptopia

Right now Litecoins low transaction fees and quick transaction times are proving to be more efficient then the slow and expensive Bitcoin Network fees. Check out Cryptopia for the LTC Exchange.


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  1. NaturalHI
    NaturalHI says:

    So, for example, I need to purchase litecoin like at uphold, then use the purchased litecoin to purchase Electroneum at cryptopia? Is that how I need to complete the transaction ? I'm sorry, I'm new to this and still learning here.

  2. MikeyMoneyBaby
    MikeyMoneyBaby says:

    For anybody watching this video and intrested in buying lite coin on coinbase and transferring it to cryptopia to buy other altcoins please DO NOT DO IT!!! cryptopia is not supporting lite coin ATM as it says it is "unstable"

  3. Post Mod Gent
    Post Mod Gent says:

    If your willing to deal with 2-3 exchanges then there's no need to buy BTC to execute ALT coin trades in most cases. Build up healthy reserves of ETH and LTC and transfer/trade whichever is lowest cost or advantageous.

  4. Steve Hershman
    Steve Hershman says:

    Love your videos Jeff but HATE this advice. It's OK to use LTC to move to exchanges, but coin matters when making trades and the LTC exchange rates you showed were rubbish compared with BTC. With trading fee's being so low, it may make sense to move from LTC->BTC (/ETH/some exchange coin) or before trading into your coin of choice in order to maximize your buying power.

  5. juanpa gemelo
    juanpa gemelo says:

    Hi I'm a 16 year old from Guatemala (third world country in central america) And i want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, I wanted to buy bitcoin, but is very expensive now… And i know it's never late to invest, but i been looking many videos about Litecoin, and i want your recommendations, should i buy litecoin or another cryptoc.? Pls Help. I only have like 300$ 😞… Thanks

  6. Bryan M
    Bryan M says:

    Guys the lightning network will change everything, it could even restore btc dominance. On the website they say transactions measured in seconds to milliseconds. As well as dramatically reduced fees. Expect a massive bull run in LTC, bitcoin and vertcoin

  7. JhVl2010
    JhVl2010 says:

    Even if the exchange doesn't offer ltc buys, wouldn't it still make more sense to transfer in ltc and then buy bitcoin? Then the altcoin of your choice. I've been doing it this for about 3 weeks besides cryptopia and smartcash

  8. Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury says:

    With each dip more and more centralized money will come into each and every crypto. Once the centralized money dominance will grown, high frequency trading robots will take over the control.we will still grown but only with the marketcap

  9. Mattie
    Mattie says:

    this is a great tip that will save anybody willing to adopt it lots of money in exchange fees!
    I have been trading in ETH and LTC ever since noticing just how much we lose when transferring around funds via BTC.
    Great work as usual, Jeff! Happy holidays

  10. Chris Rock
    Chris Rock says:

    Thanks Jeff. This is the answer to a question I posted. Appreciated. I'm a pretty good judge of character and you seem like a good guy. Anyway Merry Christmas to you and yours. Much continued success

  11. medaho
    medaho says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Be aware that Cryptopia website is not secured and some its of its website pages are NOT httpS.
    Moreover,they do not apply the 2FA as a second security layer.
    That the reason why i moved my assets to Binance.


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