TideiSun Group’s financial platform iSunOne becomes the top 1 blockchain application in ASEAN, Business Insider

KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 19
November 2019 – TideiSun Group, a fintech and blockchain company headquartered
in Hong Kong, today announces that its flagship blockchain platform iSunOne reached the milestone of 1 million registered
users globally, among which 0.2 million active ASEAN users, making iSunOne the
top 1 blockchain application in ASEAN region. Focusing on blockchain technology
development, the team recreated the issuing mechanism of stable token and built
a unique public chain based on Ripple. 

the world’s leading digital bank on the blockchain, iSunOne provides one-stop
financial and community services including but not limited to e-wallet, crypto
exchange, asset management, and digital banking services. Mr. Jun Ma, CTO of
iSunOne explains how it works: “iSunOne provides T+0 real-time clearance and
settlement. The current banking system users SWIFT for settlement. We
revolutionize the way our current banking system works and streamlines the
front and back-office operations. All users’ assets are stored on the
blockchain using BOLT technology – a public chain scaling solution developed by
TideiSun Group, to ensure authenticity and accuracy. BOLT, as a second layer
scalability tool, boosts the performance of the first-layer public chain, i.e.
Ethereum, in the machine-to-machine trustless environment, introducing
third-party automatic auditing.”

provides a transparent cooperation mechanism based on the blockchain
architecture for third-party transactions in the daily economic life, where
consensus and trust among the cooperating parties increases without downgrading
the current rights and interests of each party. The essence of a blockchain is
to adopt a mechanism that can provide automated audits, which functions as the
basis of the technological credibility that cryptography and algorithms
create.” Said Ms. Robin Xie, partner
of TideiSun Group.

has introduced an encrypted messaging function which gives itself a huge advantage
over other competitors. The whole ecosystem works well while users exchange
messages and crypto-assets. Social interactions and loyal community base will
continue to drive growth and give iSunOne unlimited potential.

the future, with China’s Central Bank launching official cryptocurrency DCEP,
iSunOne is looking into the China market while continuing to serve its users
worldwide to achieve the vision of decentralized finance. Mr. Chen Ping, a
political economist, Chairman of TideiSun Group and a prominent public figure
in China, was in the think tank group who drove the reform and opening up of

About TideiSun Group

TideiSun Group is a global FinTech and media
group known for its business model innovation. We operate both public and
private subsidiaries, embrace venture capital and private equity with the
creative token economy, accelerate enterprise adoption of blockchain and AI
technology, bridge the gap between digital assets and fiat currencies, and
promote the exchange and management of digital assets.

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