3 Mistakes I Made In 2017! *Don't Make Them Too*

2017 was a bull year. A year of crazy prediction, the media covering every move Bitcoin made and more importantly: the year of crazy altcoin gains.

Now, some people made good profits, some people did not. Some people made even very bad decisions (Bitconnect).

In this video I sum up 3 things I think are most important to keep in mind when we will see a crazy year like 2017 again. In a year like that, you cannot think freely because of all the noise, so it’s important to know these 3 things before it starts.

Just my experience, no professional advice.


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  1. ave
    ave says:

    It's too difficult to set a target. One must react spontaneously quinten. I heard and respect a sentence a fomaous in Investor made some time ago : the next crypto bull run would be skyrocking and nearly everybody will cash out way too early because nobody could imagine how big it grows. That one made me think differently about the situation 🙂


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