Altcoin News – Kodak ICO, Monero, $50,000 Bitcoin Prediction, CanYa, Dash, TRON, IOTA Updates

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. In this round of news, we look at Kodak launching an ICO and what effect this had. We also have a look at why North Korea is taking a liking to Monero, Why Bitcoin is just get started and could reach $50,000 in 2018, CanYa the market game changers? We look at updates on Dash, IOTA and TRON.

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38 replies
  1. Matt Dwyer
    Matt Dwyer says:

    "and has achieved 8 billiong……c…n..y (sounds confused)  listings on the stock exchange." So really cool to see Tron is making moves out there." He sounds like he doesn't even know what CNY is, and is trying to get TRON back up cuz Altcoin buzz has done nothing but pump it up.

  2. Niels k
    Niels k says:

    PHOTON wil become a huge gaming coin its paused now on cryptopia cause of busy servers when they resume it wil go up x10 if you want al info about photon you can join the telegram there is a great future coming

  3. PUBG Pro Plays
    PUBG Pro Plays says:

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    It's completely free, there is NO private/premium group. 🙂

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  4. michael castillo
    michael castillo says:

    PLEASE make a video on DOT COIN!!!!
    PLEASE make a video on DOT COIN!!!!
    PLEASE make a video on DOT COIN!!!!

    Cryptopias own coin!!! It's only 70 cents

    Binacne coin is at $17!!!

    Low market cap! Only 70 cents!!! A lot of growth potential!!!! Please Jeff make a video about Dot coin!!!

  5. Brian Jones
    Brian Jones says:

    Jeff, please check out Vericoin!! It's a binary blockchain!! Plus it's got a market cap with room to grow and a lower supply.

    Check it out and tell me what you think of it man!!
    Thanks Jeff! You guys are doing great work!

  6. Australian Reality TV
    Australian Reality TV says:

    when is that idiot Mcafee going to cut his dick off? With the advancement of the altcoin market(and non-stop fud spread by the media), with superior alternatives to bitcoin – bitcoin could be under 10k at the end of 2018. Ethereum will be no.1

  7. Clay Abe
    Clay Abe says:

    If you guys like Monero, you should check out SUMO. It's a Monero Fork with improved tech. Lowkey it's one of the best, if not the best privacy coin in crypto today. Highly recommended and a real hidden gem.

  8. C T
    C T says:

    If North Korea does like Monero will it makes a difference? South Korea liked everything and were removed from exchanges and prices drop. Now they came up with some lame BS excuse a day later after screwing many noobs as to why, which I still dont get as it seems like market manipulation. Well it was, thats just a fact, market changed/dropped. Lets say for 1 currency the world owned 3/4 and South Korea the other 1/4 and the prices is $100 (example only!). So they remove Korea and price them instantly at $75. Ok, but thats like making Koreas coins equal Zero? or equal to prices rest of the world? (if so why the exclusion and dont say Koreas prices were higher than everywhere else – I know this already. Wouldnt open arbitrage solve this shortage?) They still have millions of coins and can still send them and still inclusive of market cap – so their price still matters right? this is what i dont get…

    Keen to hear from anyone intelligent on this who's not a noob


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